Mission Possible!


Another wonderful day to hit the exchanges and purchase more Electroneum. Just not that long ago people we stating how we would never see 1 penny again in price, well I am here to tell everyone that mission is possible of 1 penny and far far beyond that! We are on the rise and just like fine cream we will rise to the top! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! :slight_smile:


I agree @M-Kid we are coming closer to our Electroneum goals and we are coming close to 1 cent! We all did an awesome job so far and nothing is impossible let’s show all the fuders and haters on ETN that they are wrong and are missing out big time! :sunglasses: :rocket:


Amen geezer :muscle:t4: Another day another dollar, bring it on


Another day another penny? @JC88 :yum:


It was sure nice to wake up and see we not only maintained our price gains but had a nice spike up to 148sats or more on some of the exchanges which is signal that people are wanting ETN. I am will buy ETN all day to day and we will see if we can break that 1 penny price point. Maybe be tuff if BTC dumps in value but I do know we should continue to increase in SATS all day long!


British coin so penny’s and pounds it is :money_mouth_face:


Biggest gainer % wise on coin market cap today! Keep up the good work!


Ummm … that painting is missing a bush. Bob Ross would NOT approve!


We almost reaching a penny @M-Kid :sunglasses:


At the current rate should be 1 penny in about 4-5 hours. :slight_smile:


This is a great job and exactly what ETN needs, a push to start rolling. Happy days


This is the best weekend so far since January and i feel that there are many more like these coming soon :open_mouth: