Missing M_kid fight dump


You’re on the right track.
Eventually when we have a large enough variety of vendors out there in the marketplace that accept Electroneum as payment.
For example I cant buy groceries at the moment with ETN.
Im not buying Christmas presents.
If I were the paper wallets, , would be a prime idea.
Better still choose vendors that accept ETN Wherever possible.
Approach your local businesses.
They look at you funny one day but by crikeyTheyll be questioning you the next.
Before the internet we had word of mouth.
It worked…Now we’ve got both it will work even better.


For sure marketing team will help by giving advantages on using ETN. But better support would be from community itself.


Definitely, so lets get busy re-directing negatives to positives…
Were not shilling this coin…
Were just broadcasting the Facts and Achievements…
To the world and onwards to the moon!
Were not here launching a Tesla into space…good gimick.
Were all launching Electroneum into space.
Lets do it! Lets do it right…the first time…!


I have a tool we can use to follow 1000k use a day if we do it together but only 30k might follow back


Not sure I follow you here.



Alll of us can can follow 2k a day within 3mn of work


And it’s really easy to target different countries


Yes. Because exchange will not help to rise it to moon and increase mass adoption as well. Need to bring it in daily news



African users :man_shrugging:t4:
That how I would go about it.


Seems marketing whales are pushing price up because it went to bottom and their was no gain or going down. Further. Crypto boom is coming all the way.
God bless our community and off course main reason ETN. GO ETN GO


Hi I am active right now only at Twitter. Have there 5100 followers and I follow 5600 there is max limit have less than 500 more people than follows you… I use only service of summall and commun.it app… Can you provide me more details the name of the program and the rules at instagram? Much appreciated more information


200 following action per hour
200 unfollowing Action per hour
The App will automatically do it for you in the cloud
Only for iPhone


Its $5 each For premium access but it’s worth it you can have it work for you while you sleep


Bad that I have android and didn’t pay for any app in history…


Android is having better user friendly behavior. iPhone is no doubt having better security and some other reason.
Let’s hope iPhone cloud mining start soon and it will be another massive step towards mass adoption.


The IPhone will give us more speculators with capital so it may cause a pump. Android will give us mass adoption starting in 3rd world country’s,


Fear not build it (community) and they will come. We are the true believers, many of us the original holders of ETN! Two years down the road I anticipate this forum to be booming with many more eager folks willing to share knowledge, art, stories and the like. I love our community and I support it every chance I get and do what I can to make it fun and interesting, or at least that is what I try to do. I work full time, I am married, and have a kid that plays a lot of soccer, I teach improv, and do medieval combat so for me to get on as regularly as I do is a challenge each and every day. I do it because I believe!

Friends if belief is strong enough in each and every one of us anything can happen. I am excited about any possible news we may get tomorrow, I love reading the posts every day from so many of you! Keep them coming guys, as it’s what keeps us afloat and in these slower times really shows just how damn good this community is! Cheers and much love,

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Pls help me find the right one for my andriod phone if exist…