Missing M_kid fight dump


There were some practical and good people thought. Missing people. But sure Richard realize, in crypto world it is no wait game. Also have to respect people frustration who are associated with ETN since beginning.


Here is 5100 people but active is here only 100… we need get more people get interaction make some competitions or pay some rewards to those who are active… IDK how to boost this forum…


I have been trying to educate a few Africans on here to give them Ideas to spread the word about ETN I have also donated several thousands ETN to them to excite them. and create FOMO with their friends.


no mkid no party haha


Yeah. That was most active group. Perhaps we all want commitment to come true and agreesive development. Hope M-Kid will back on 1st December


yes…!!! we are really missing M_Kid slang about the dumpers he used to be :smile: … come back mkid.:blush:


Were all trying to boost this forum in active numbers and new users in whichever way we can.
Some of us, are not active on other channels of social media.Facebook etc.
We are a demographically and geograpically diverse community with so much talent between us.
It simply doesnt just happen overnight but it will happen if we all just “Have a Go”.
Look around, Were all having a party in here every day no matter what the price is doing.
You have six point five days to wait until he may or may not return.
So with or without him …lets make this forum great for everyone to enjoy! ,


I do not have Reddit but possibly posting links there to community forum would draw more users. i use to often look there for news. We need too strategize how to target users like ourselves. Hmm I will ponder this. @Mr.CryptoCZ


Im pretty sure @Mr.CryptoCZ has this covered but I
Im sure he will let me know.
Im seriously considering Emailing JJJ radio down here.
Its community radio and global.
Theyve got their own magazine (website )
Its a great space .
Problem is it constitutes advertising …they really dont mention crypto or banks unless theres a Royal Commission into Banking…!!


Click bait like


We are all in the community forum come check it out!

Something like this may be effective @Mr.CryptoCZ


Weve got to face facts doesnt matter where you are or who you are right now.
How much youve got in assets or how much youve got to spend …everyone is on the edge right now worldwide.
Somehow we have to incentivise it.
Gotta think outside the box to swing it around this way.
Something that speaks a universal language. ?..
Unfortunately I only come up with one …".FREE"
Free ultimately means somebody pays…
Im still in the box!


I agree with you I will continue thinking also!

Possibly a weekly thread with a Etn giveaway for new community forum members who joined that week if they contribute on that weeks topic(we choose healthy interactive topic)? Than post every week on reddit to draw new users. Something like this may be attractive to new users or someone checking out the coin on social media to join.


We need to bring back the good old TShirt.


I like that idea too!


In 10 years our Community account Icons will have a cult following and they will make tee-shirts out of our Icons


With a squirrel on the back!,!


Look like even BTC is against decision and falling to ground. M-Kid return will change it’s mood. Now question is can ETN GO against BTC. As per use case, it definitely could. Let’s hope some serious development, support and aggressive marketing.


ETN wil go against bitcoin with every business and every telco that joins the ecosysetem.
Investment is stability in a business model.
Mass use= decoupling from bitcoin.


Decoupling from bitcoin…graphically

Note : this is GMT +10 Hours


So now, what we expect from our community. Please try to use etn in daily use. Don’t spend your deposit or collected ETN, instead please purchase ETN and spend for your daily needs instead of FIAT currency.