Missing all my Etn

I usually do not enter dragatory statments,but I am confused yesterday I had all my etn in my back office and last night there was an uo date of some sort and today all my Etn have dissapearded.I have not sent them out or bought anymore so what ever the upgrade was my almost 7000 etn I do not see them anywere can any one Help on telling me where they at now?

I’m a little confused. What do you mean by having it in your “back office”? Where was the ETN held; Mobile/Web Wallet, Paper/CLI Wallet, Exchange?

what do you mean I have been hacket all I know is that yesterday they were in my wallet and today they are not,I did not do any transaction,there was an upgrating yesterday in your system and now I have nothing.

Log into your wallet and look at your transaction history. Does it show a transfer of Electroneum out of your wallet? If so, then yes, you were potentially hacked (if you did not do the transfer yourself)

When I logged into my wallet manager I noticed that my balance had also disappeared but then I clicked on the ‘send etn’ button and the balance showed up. I hope this helps

Thanks for the response you mean I need to go to my ether wallet?

No, your Electroneum wallet. Electroneum is not connected to Ether in any way.

Thank you for the information and they did show up I was not sure to do that but now I am confused ot this how do I keep them safe with out getting hacked.

I also forgot to mention last knight they were upgrating the wallet system so I do not know if they did that and hoe to find out what they did there in no information in the forum.

They did upgrade the Mobile/Web wallets, and transferred them to the new system. My guess is that your wallet had not refreshed on your client.

Thank you we found it Mr SMG told me how to find out he said he had the same problem and told me to click the send bottond and did and worket thank you everyone .I have not bought anything else I am afraid if I do I will loose them all.

Not a problem. You should be fine investing more, just double/triple check all your steps as you do it. There should be no risk to your current holdings, unless you send ETN From your wallet, and follow good security standards.

No worries! I can see why you were confused by it though.

The safest way to hold your electroneum is in a paper wallet. Please follow all the instructions provided during creation of the paper wallet to ensure security.
In summary, you will randomly generate three keys on a PDF while you have disconnected your internet, using the offline wallet generator provided by Electroneum. You will need to print this into paper form, and delete any trace of it on your computer. You must keep your private spend and private view keys hidden.
Then when you are ready, you will be able to use those three keys to upload your funds onto your Electroneum wallet.

This link for the offline generator:

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Thanks for the Information Nicolas

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I don’t really know what to do. My 1012 ETN is missing please I need help. What do I do and I never shared my account with anyone. I was only out of network for 4months only for me to log in and never saw it again. Any idea on what to do?

open a ticket at support.electroneum.com

please notice it needs a different account i.e. not your etn account.

reply can take 10 business days

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