Mining yes but no transfer to account


for few days there is no ETN transfer to my account.

Anybody have similar experiences?


Just wait it will transfer to you soonly

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Do you mean from the mobile miner?

I have issues with the mobile miner payouts, last payout took place on 15.11.


mining with the mobil is working but the payout doenst work…

Yes i have the same problem…

I hope this issue will soled soon. Now I know Im not alone with this

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Just wait, you don’t will lose it :wink:

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I have now other problem it writes connecting and nothing… still only refreshing circle… Do you have this too? @BegaMutex @Bee

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Yes same thing here.My pending balance is on 19 but still haven’t received.I think Patience is key.


etn app at theis moment has some problems for example already one week it has same active miners number i hope everyhting will be okay soon

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it’s definitely a problem for the last few days. They haven’t announced anything yet I think? Does anyone have info? Im on 17,86 lol

Maybe silent before Strom or maybe some update is on the way :slight_smile:

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Same here for whole day. What is going on??

for me mining doesn’t start at all, but the mined coins from before was transferred to wallet with no problem

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Everything OK at my side miner ok. And coins transferred :slight_smile:

Miner now working normal, payout also received! :blush:

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Isnt the android app also going to change when Ios hits.?

Mines fixed too, thanks guys

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me too. More than ten, *Not paid

Transfer of ETN working. Slowly but working.