Mining Via Multiple Phones

Is this (still) possible? I heard long ago, like, you should be able to mine onto single wallet with up to 5 phones allowed. I’m having two. Having no issues mining with my primary phone, Galaxy S6, but with S5 I’m getting lost connections all the time. The app is up to date, so I’m not sure is this some kind of a restriction or maybe its related to the Android version?

Well, I created another account for my secondary phone, Galaxy S5, and its still losing connection. Tsk.

Sorry for the double post. I just wanted to update. I’m still having issues with my S5, and I’m having friends with Huawei phones complaining that they are unable to mine due to the phone losing connection all the time. They don’t really mine much since no one can guard over the phone for 24/7 to start again once they lose their connection each time. My S6 works without any issues.

Hi @Renner not sure why you are getting this connection lost problem. It should not happen. Only reason I can think of in this case is network/connectivity problem from your phone.

I don’t know what’s the issue. That friend of mine also had S6 and didn’t have any issues before. After changing to Huawei she complains about losing connections with the app all the time. Her relative with some newer mid-range Samsung phone mines just fine. Maybe its something to look at.

Mobile miner rules see above.
I know that some people from Czech republic or India use multiple phones because is allowed up to 5 devices per IP adress (not per account), some of them use TABLETS - i dont know if this is allowed…
But after the KYC - maybe you need to verify to obtain reward from the miner - or IDK how they have it to BAN these people who are avaricious…
here are the rules