Mining returns must be less than 100 ETN ..... It can be 50 ETN

Mining returns must be less than 100 ETN … It can be 50 ETN

why ? can you elaborate on it ?


I don’t understand. You want 50 ETN per month instead 100??

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  1. maybe he wants payout more often i.e. at every 50 etn or

  2. maybe he wants 50 etn/month to slow down the depletion of the premined coins so it lasts longer

  3. or something else ?

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Yes Monthly return 50

So are you saying you want less ETN a month?

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The yield of cloud mining

He’s basically saying…


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On a more serious note, Electroneum has chosen to distribute cloud mined ETN at 100. The mobile miner used to be set to distribute at 10 ETN. Nobody knows the exact reasoning for the change but it likely reduced the server load as the distributions are less frequent. I wouldn’t expect the 100 ETN payout to change anytime soon. That being said, the team has shown they are always looking to optimize the mobile miner to improve the user experience while also increasing system efficiency.


Mining will soon change 75% off and MM will have to equate

We have 150k MM. ant if pay out is at 10 we have 15000 transactions on block chain to process. As we grow we must be prepared for bigger user numbers. If pay out is at 100 we have only 1500 transactions to process.

And if value of ETN goes significantly up the pay out will go down and we will mine at lower rate.

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Another point on that, 100 ETN payout keeps you engaged with the app longer.