Mining Questions


I have a small question i’m quite new to this, i have 1 phone running the miner and get 30 ish H/s how is this calculate.

What i want to know how much ETN should i get every day with my phone running at 30H/s.

Many Thanks,

You know you are not allowed to run multiple mobile miners for one account/person?
Your accounts could get locked from the team.


just read it now, and complied like i say noob here, and is a bit to much to take in with all this cripto currency, at list for me.

The phones are for every family members we created all accounts and we all kind of having fun with this, atm.

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It changes with the price of ETN. I wanna say the team allows for $3 USD per month. The amount of coins you receive will change.

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Thanks, guy’s much appreciated your help.

I will definitely spread the word about this :slight_smile:


Thanks for signing up yourself and your family, @johndoe. The more you learn about ETN the more excited you will undoubtedly be!

WOW, I’m impressed G, you’ve got 6 kids :joy: or is it more like a extended family ?
Got 3 kids myself, crazy times…

Have a happy Electroneum Mining Experience :+1:

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Do enjoy, we here all trust in the project and think there is a bright future ahead of us.

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It takes me about 3 1/2 days to get 10 ETN

@Rach my miner isn’t starting any more what is up with that?