Mining Question


It has been a real challenge to find current information on how to do CPU mining on a Linux machine. I have a 64 core system and would like to test. I found precious little relevant information on the main web site and searches yielded incomplete, ambiguous results and dead links. I have been on a steady diet of RTFM and Google (alright, DDG now) for decades. Maybe the answers are staring me in the face. Can someone give me a clue?


there is no mining of etn by public anymore. etn ltd appointed miners who are the only miners.

though you can mine something else and exchange it to etn

As Ikelemen pointed out, public mining was stopped quite some time ago. Trusted NGOs run nodes now.

The main website clearly explains:


The team are looking at the consensus model with the intent to make it more decentralised and faster, so we dont know what changes might come in future, but for now, there is no public mining.