Mining pools hashing power distribution


@andrepatta please could you verify if is everything OK? Lot of empty blocks right now and about 200 trx wait for go to the blockchain


Right now 39 trx waiting in blockchain… And we have 80% of empty blocks… Any expert can clarify to me?


Last 11 blocks - 0 transactions - Me and thousands other people wondering what is going on for 2 weeks already and no one answering our questions - Is there any tech people in this chat from the team?


Less than 13 transactions (all younger than 2 minutes) waiting in pool.
Network performance is great !



how much electricity are ETN using compare to BTC? This is an interesting question due to environmental profile


The X3 draws 3.5 times less electricity than the S9. But is also more expensive.
But people are already developing cleaner methods for creating the needed electricity.


There are approximately 22 000 X3s running on the network (6,6Gh / 300Kh) and they consume 600W (at 300Kh).

There are approximately 3 856 428 S9 on the bitcoin network (54Eh / 14Th) and they consume 1350W.

You can do the math :slight_smile:


THX for the answers. The environment is a very important question and today a political party in Norway wants to remove the tax cuts for BTC mining companies they have in norway, due to EL consumption. In Norway we have 99.9% hydro electricity. I believe this is about to be more in focus around the world in the years to come.


You’re totaly right ; here in Québec we also run mostly on hydroelectricity and Hydro Québec (the state company and only provider) decided to impose « punishing » rates to mining farms to discourage them. There was a growing demand in our province due to cheap electricity and cold climate. I’m sure we’ll see more of these situation around the globe.