Mining or how is now working of verifying of transactions

Hi to All,

after all these latest updates we loose the mining on our mobile devices.
Can some one now explain me how is now possible to mine the ETN and how is now done the verification of transactions and if for this are any rewards as it was and is it by other cryptocurrencies?


All answers are in there

Blocks are created (i.e. transactions added to blockchain and verified) via the Proof of Responsibility blockchain model (trusted Non-Profits run nodes). Jernejs link above explains. That hasn’t changed.

The Phase 1 airdrop (aka Rewards, aka Mobile Mining) is now finished.

Users can no longer get free coins, but they can earn them by selling digital skills and services on the freelancer platform At some point soon will be launched which will provide free training for people so they can help build sell-able skills.

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transaction checking on the blockchain was never done by the mobile miners. the mobile “miners” got an airdrop which was called “reward” lately. The “reward” was premined in the first block in 2017 and distributed by etn ltd.
The M1 abd M2 phones still get rewards. Listen to RE at 1:44:35

you can still mine alts and exchange them to etn:

I’ve been mining at thorshammer since months with my PC (I7 CPU + GTX 1080 GPU) making 30-60 etn/day



if I understand it correctly, direct mining isn’t possible still possible and only over the pools (proxies) and they can still do only the public organisations? So I can then only subscribe to any of this pool companies to mine it?

You can not mine electroneum directly. it is done by NGOs only.

You can mine other alt coins and exchange them to etn. The Thorshammer pool (info above) does the exchange automatically for you so you get paid in etn.

I also mine ethereum with my GPU on, get paid weekly in eth and I exchange the eth I get to etn on and when I have above 5000 etn in my etn wallet at liquid I withraw it to my CLI wallet on my PC. This is to minimize the withdraw cost which is 50 etn at

Hi lkelemen,

OK understand. I can do it only if I will have registered an NGO and will try to register by ETN for mining.
I thing its not so interesting for people when they mine one cryptocurrency and will be rewarded in other. I thing the best and for me the interested way is when I get what I mine, while the conversion is also some loss.

Thanks for explanation.

“I thing its not so interesting for people when they mine one cryptocurrency and will be rewarded in other.”
It depends how much price change you expect in the future. For example I don’t expect eth’s price to rise more than 10%.

I make about 0.04 eth in month. that’s let’s say 8€. It will become maximum 9€ at the end of the year.
If I exchange eth to etn now that gives me about 1000 etn.
If I etn’s price rises to 0.1€/etn then I will have 100 € which is much better than having 9€.
If etn’s price rises to 1€ then I will retire:)

I understand and I thing it so too.
I will to get some thousands of ETN and also would like to have some of ETH. I thing I will try it as you had described and will see what from it will be :slight_smile:

Is possible to mine also on Macs? have they apps also for this OS?

I use claymore miner for mining eth in my PC. AFAIK there is no claymore for Mac.
At Thorshammer we use xmrig miner which doesn’t have a Mac version either.
I used xmr-stak miner a few months ago on a Mac to mine but I don’t have the Mac anymore. I had to compile xmr-stak from sources I downloaded from to mine on Mac.
The compilation was easy. There was a step by step instructions in the documents or readme.

Thanks for all.
:slight_smile: :+1:

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