Mining on PC will not register?


When im mining with my computer using Nanopool it works i can see my hashrate as usual and detect new blocks almost every minute, but my wallet adress from will not register with nanopool,
I know it can take a while but i can mine for hours and i only got “account not found” when searching for it.

So how can i see my stats if it not shows up there ?


Wait, You are mining ETN with a GPU?

PM Me if you are because you are doing it wrong. I can show you how to get way more ETN and can help get you setup


No, only trying simple CPU mining for now but still only got “new block detected” and will not register with nanopool.


The difficulty at nanopool is set high enough you will never be able to submit work before you get another work assignment. That is most likely why you are seeing no results on the pool.
Unless you see “share accepted” the pool will have no way of knowing you exist.


As a practical matter, you pretty much need an asic to mine ETN.