Mining issues what to do

Hi I have recently started to notice, because a large portion on the mining power is on 2 pools if you are not mining on those pools you do not receive very much etn each day for mining, how can this be fixed. I don’t want to charge pools as that will just give more mining power to a pool that is already over 40 percent of the mining power.

What miner are you running?

That’s the way it works I’m afraid.

The pools with the highest hash rate will mine the most blocks to share between the workers.

If you are in a pool with a lower hash rate, you have to rely more on luck that your pool will beat another one to it.

The only way to do it is by increasing the hash rate for your pool, either buy ASICs or rent some hash power, or advertise your pool to get more to join.

I agree with you not wanting to add to a pool at 40% due to the potential issues of pushing it over 51%, but work out how much difference your power will make. If it’s negligible then just go ahead an join it. Your own profit is more important than loyalty to a certain pool.


Crazy cat you got there mate! :smiley:


Do you know of a pool to join?

I suggest hashvault.

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I have a GPU rig so I haven’t mined ETN since the last cryptonight fork, I mine ASIC resistant coins and swap about 15% of them to ETN on an exchange.

The following list from miningpoolstats is a good guide, the pools with the higher hash rate are the best to join but its also important to look at the corresponding graphs, ones with a straight line will be more consistent. Pools with a hash rate that goes up and down a lot on the graph are the ones who switch between different coins constantly to make more profit and attempt to manipulate the difficulty. If you just want to stick with ETN then choose the current highest hash rate with a straight line on the graph.


I mined ETN as well until the fork, on hashvault. You should stay away from large pools. Hashvault is easy to setup, the hashrate is constant and the dashboard looks good.

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I agree, they don’t have the highest hash rate but they are consistent and reliable, it’s popular enough to be able to turn a good profit.


I came across them by accident. But I was very satisfied with what they offer.
They have a chat as well, and you can ask them whatever you want, regarding miner setup, or whatever you need to know and the admins or other users will answer really fast.

This pool is focused on cryptonight coins only.
At the moment I mine Stellite and Monero here.

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so I ended up moving my rig to a different pool, then I saw this they have more then 51 percent now.