Mining from more than one device


Yes, legitimate unique KYC lvl1+ accounts can mine on the same IP.

There was talk of a cap of 5 per IP so friends and family can mine on the same WIFI at home.


La respuesta en cuanto a la wifi se ha explicado correctamente… PADRE, MADRE E HIJO SE PUEDEN CONECTAR A LA MISMA WIFI-IP… Entonces es perfecto y justo.
Pero y la segunda pregunta: si una persona tiene 2 telefonos (trabajo y casa) y quiere implementar el servicio en los 2 telefonos (pueden ser telefono y tablet)… no seria posible a pesar de hacer consumo energetico doble? daria igual una cuenta en 2 telefonos que, 2 cuentas una en cada uno?
Se que es una por persona, pero seria justo poder hacerlo asi, es decir aprovechar la posesion uso y necesidad de tener los 2 equipos para usarlo en los 2…


The answer regarding the wifi has been explained correctly … FATHER, MOTHER AND SON CAN BE CONNECTED TO THE SAME WIFI-IP … Then it is perfect and just.
But the second question: if a person has 2 phones (work and home) and wants to implement the service in the 2 phones (can be phone and tablet) … would not be possible despite double energy consumption? would it give an account in 2 phones that, 2 accounts one in each?
I know it’s one per person, but it would be fair to be able to do it that way, that is, to take advantage of the possession, use and need to have the 2 teams to use it in the 2 …


Firstly, its phones only…so no tablets. Secondly, in terms of having the app on two devices… no. One account per device.

Check out the terms and conditions for further details:

In particular - 17.2.2.


thanks for answering and clarifying the doubts.
just add that the tablet has android and is connected to the google account, so it would be like a cell phone and it would always be charging … so it’s not fair. regards


Its not the “Android device miner”, its the mobile miner and produced for phone usage.