Mining from more than one device

Our terms and conditions relating to Mobile Miner using more than one device are outlined below:

17.2 You must:

17.2.1 only use the Mobile Miner on mobile phones and not on any other device;

17.2.2 only use the Mobile Miner on one mobile phone per account and only one account per person, which you hold with us;

17.2.3 not emulate the Mobile Miner on any device regardless of whether physical or virtual;

17.2.4 not adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or modify the Mobile Miner; and

17.2.5 only use the Mobile Miner for lawful purposes.

For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions:


Hello Rachel,

This is my first post on this awesome new community, hence I’ll take the time to say congratulations to the team for setting this up!

In regards to the mobile app vs a pc miner, I have a question. It might be stupid, or this might not be the place for it, so feel free to add your comments, or move the post.

Looking on my phone, I’m running about 30h/s and generating about 2etn per day.
On my pc miner, I’m reaching 180h/s and generating 0.3etn per day.
Is there something I’m doing wrong here, or your app just generates more etn just because it is your app? :roll_eyes:

Hi, you will need to buy an ASIC to have any profitable mining on our blockchain.

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I see, so this is basically the reverse of the fork.
In any case, my thought process was that with more hash rate you generate more etn…not vice-versa. Anyway, I’ll look into ASICS for the future, thanks for reply.

I’m looking to get into Asics. Which Asics currently support mining etn?

These are some, but not all

  1. Antminer X3

  2. Baikal Giant N

  3. PinIdea RR-200

  4. DragonMint X1, X2


does that mean in short that each person can only use 1 phone to mine ?? if i have 2 phones with 2 accounts we will end up with one of them locked out ?

well , if a person have 2 accounts with 2 phones and 2 defferent IPs . how would they know ???

They know actually. After they implemented the last security patch, they’re now sure that the rules are followed.

I have my own account, and made another for my mother for her own phone. Completed the KYC lvl1 for it even. It still disconnects her phone. Its stupid if even IPs are limited for only one person/account.

How come it disconnects it? If you have your own account with your phone and your mother has her own account with her own phone, there won’t be any issues.
Their latest security patch makes sure that there won’t be a lot of phones mining on the same MAC address, as they consider that a company mining like behaviour.
But with two phones you shouldn’t have any issues.

Maybe they stop the mining so that you check your app from time to time, and look up the price in real time, your wallet, etc. They want us to be more involved.

I’m doing those things. But sometimes I leave my own phone at home to mine, and its still on even when I get back from the 12hrs long shift. On the mother’s phone I have to check every couple or up to several hours to restart the miner again.

i think after 12 November they will sure know , cause all accounts won,t be able to send out any ETN unless they R Level 2 authenticated . so u have to show yr ID for each account . , so they will know u have 2 accounts for the same person .

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I have 2 phones. i use my old phone to mine via WiFi, and i just use my current phone to check balance about once a month. Also, the miner on my old phone that i am mining with, keeps getting disconnected for some reason. can anyone help with that??

I’m getting disconnections from both my own phone, and from my mother’s lately. And its not only me. All of my friends who mine on their phones get disconnected.

So, question, if ASICs are being developed, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the one miner per account idea, as they are highly inflated and would be the equivalent of dozens if not hundreds of phones?

It just leaves a foul taste if that’s the end result, banning for multiple mining instances of what, 60-100 hashrate but allowing one instance at a few thousand hashrate? Kind of goes against the small, everyone has a smartphone idea.

The mobile mining and asic mining for the blockchain are two completely different things.

if i have understood well …
in a house with 3 people, 3 mobile, and 3 accounts, can not you connect to a common wifi? if you do it the ip of the 3 will be the same and therefore closed …
on the other side, a person with 2 mobile but with a single email (so that i have 2 posts of personal use ??? and therefore 2 accounts ???) i can not install etn in the 2 equipment despite making spending energetic and maintenance regular of the application …
if the answer is affirmative, it is completely unfair and the use of etn little recommended …
thank you…

La respuesta en cuanto a la wifi se ha explicado correctamente… PADRE, MADRE E HIJO SE PUEDEN CONECTAR A LA MISMA WIFI-IP… Entonces es perfecto y justo.
Pero y la segunda pregunta: si una persona tiene 2 telefonos (trabajo y casa) y quiere implementar el servicio en los 2 telefonos (pueden ser telefono y tablet)… no seria posible a pesar de hacer consumo energetico doble? daria igual una cuenta en 2 telefonos que, 2 cuentas una en cada uno?
Se que es una por persona, pero seria justo poder hacerlo asi, es decir aprovechar la posesion uso y necesidad de tener los 2 equipos para usarlo en los 2…

The answer regarding the wifi has been explained correctly … FATHER, MOTHER AND SON CAN BE CONNECTED TO THE SAME WIFI-IP … Then it is perfect and just.
But the second question: if a person has 2 phones (work and home) and wants to implement the service in the 2 phones (can be phone and tablet) … would not be possible despite double energy consumption? would it give an account in 2 phones that, 2 accounts one in each?
I know it’s one per person, but it would be fair to be able to do it that way, that is, to take advantage of the possession, use and need to have the 2 teams to use it in the 2 …