Mining electroneum


Haha! Man, you are dreaming, lol!
You have to make baby steps, if you don’t have a lot of money to invest into mining.
Some people make hundreds of dollars a day from mining, but their investment is quite important.

And don’t compare ETN with BTC, ETH or others. ETN is just at the starting point in its ‘‘career’’.
It’s like Mbappe versus Ronaldo and Messi. :smiley:


Exactly,just for this i want mining etn :expressionless: for future.
here i am new member i cant so much reply:| this is more hard:D


For someone in your position it is best to just buy ETN.
The mining is not worth it, as I told you above.


i from iran i cant but any item or things with dollar,we in the boycott for USA


Diako, take the advice above, mining ETN is not profitable for GPU mining anymore trust me, I got in way late and was burning more electricity than I was making coins. Look to somethinig else you can mine and exchange for BTC then buy ETN with it. In the meantime keep your mobile miner running and collect what you can. Good luck brother.


Check this out. :slight_smile:


hey bro,trust trump in Iran all leader’s ,diplomatic’s,boss’s is bastard
1$=150,000 IR(Iranian rial)
in Iran all things expensive and you can’t have a job :expressionless:
that is big joke for a best country in the world we have petroleum,gas, big exports
but here 60% poor people .
that is not ridicule’s?


i have 0.30 $ bit coin:| that is not enough for buy etn:|


Cryptos will help people solve their current issues with depreciation…soon. South America is full of problematic countries, including Venezuela and Argentina.
Also, the inflation in Turkey reached a historic rate, and it is expected to keep on rising.
They already look into using cryptos to solve the embargo set by the US.


You are all in Iran to fill their bank accounts that they do it. They(leader’s,diplomatic’s) do not care about people, nor sanctions against Iran. This is an additional problem for people who are foolish leaders.( i use translate sorry:D)


I was down in Iran working, it is a beautiful place on a island Kish


The easiest way it to download the Android app, what do you mean by withdraw?