Mining electroneum


hello every body,
plz teach me how can i mining etn and how withdraw?
tnx guys


The easiest way it to download the Android app, what do you mean by withdraw?


i have app for android,i need software for pc i need more etn:( some software when you mining on pc you cant get etn(withdraw on my wallet:)


join a pool like and direct your miner to that pool. or join a pool, and go to the getting started aria and find the needed tools and info there. your mining username will be your etn walllet and password x


yeah i know but every time when i am mining this pool or spacepool rejected my blocks i dont know why


You are using a wrong algorithm. And mining with PC or even a mining rig is osolete. You need an ASIC miner.
Antminer X3


dit you use the right port for your hashspeed, and did you use the right algorithem? its cryptonight NOT cryptonight_v7


yeah i know i use v7 :expressionless:


i dont have any mony for buy this miner i am poor men


Thats the point… you must use the normal version so use cryptonight and it should work Do NOT use v7 for electroneum


support tell me use v7 just that algorithm worked for etn ,and i use this algorithm but when i mining etn rejected blocks and nothing:| do you have video for me? i want learn


well the support told you that a while ago then, because ETN switched back to cryptonight original version. First the where at cryptonight original, than they made a hard fork and switched to cryptonight _v7 but then they switched back to original again. So if you want to mine etn with your computer(cpu and Gpu) you need to use cryptonight NOT crytonight_v7 then i will work. otherwise no chance.


Then don’t mine it. :slight_smile:


Yes, that is why you should mine other coins, such as Stellite or Turtlecoin.


NOT you must use just cryptonight


other coins need a best pc :frowning_face: i dont hvae it,i want mine etn maybe etn look like eth or btc


That is what you don’t understand. ETN is one of the hardest coin to mine at the moment, that is why you can’t mine it with a pc. Actually you can, but you will make maybe 1 ETN/day, so what’s the point?
Turtlecoin is the easiest coin to mine right now. What graphics card do you have?


my hash rate on pc 450/?
with phone 30 hash rate in one day i have 3 etn
with pc i can mine more etn i think.
my graphic is rx460 4gb nitro oc


No, because on the phone you don’t mine it, they only give it to you for free. The hashrate doesn’t matter on the phone, everybody has the same hashrate.
The actual mining is a whole different thing.

So, with 450h/s, you can make 465 Stellite/day or 1897 Turtlecoin/day.

As a comparison, if you mine ETN with your PC, you will make 0.45 ETN/day and 165 ETN/year.
You do the math now. :slight_smile:


one etn 0.01 :| not 1000 or 200 $ like btc or eth