Mining deposits not making it to wallet


I started mining to F2POOL. The first mining payment made it to my online ETN wallet on the next day. Unfortunately all payments since then have failed. All have around 41,000 confirmations. Where did my +5000 etn go?

2018-10-26 18:00|d7e9331e596d68bbd11138509254caeb03c924eea79cd0d764c913c761023b47|1027.71032459 ETN|

|2018-10-22 18:00|85e705bb02762e3caaaa5710d3b063568de11802964e3a28e20fd9de140bf5fb|1048.83063427 ETN|

|2018-10-18 18:00|1b529c31a23babdd9f5d63d4ccf934f43d4d32f97cbc28e5f2e3ac6550a67791|1007.03502411 ETN|

|2018-10-14 18:00|89ac49180ff1274cf98020b739a8169ebfa22bf2631030f2843e387c23c1b4b3|1228.40247431 ETN|

|2018-10-09 18:00|56528303538180a3136f42c0aac824288ffda92e39a3dde5f4f63f7d6bffef6f|1237.82331717 ETN|


Maybe @BegaMutex can shed some light or steer you in the right direction.
I have summoned him to your rescue.
Please be patient


First things first cano, you need to raise a support ticket with those details so they can have a look.

If a rescan doesn’t find it (impossible if they were sent to the correct address), then you will need to ask F2pool to provide sending proof (tx private key for that transaction - please note this is NOT the wallet private key, just a special key that can be used to decode a transaction and show where the coins went).

Start with a ticket and see what support say.