Mining app update now down for maintenance


Hi people , for those who are not aware there is a mining app update available on Google play store.
This fixes bugs and new translations

App version 2.6.3



Have this update from yesterday and nothing more or new. Still only 20 languages from march no add more…
App was closed when i wake up - so no stability - sometimes help reinstaling or turn smartphone off and start again or turn off the power saving mode…
Waiting for better update with more languages… I offer help with translation but seems that our company havent money to pay for translate…
Please team surprise me. Thanks
Here is the offer from community:


Please tag the concerned people for them to see

Guys pls help

@ETNCEO @Rachel @BegaMutex @MSystem


Already tagged ,apps down for server maintenance


Are kids supposed to be involved in cryptocurrency? I don’t think so and if so they should have a bear minimum amount that they should be only level one.


The online wallet is down too. 502 Bad Gateway message.


It is very much required brother :blush: