Mining almost nothing compared to a few months earlier


Hi !

I’ve recently started to use the mobile mining app again. Unfortunalty, I’m only mining about 1ETN (or less) a day (compared to about 10ETN a day a few months ago). What’s going on ? I’m using a OnePlus 5 on Android Oreo and the battery optimization is disabled for the mining app.


Hi yes it is going slower for everyone since the price of ETN has increased and we have more users I would expect it to change. I was mining about 10etn every 3-4days now yeah its more like maybe 1ETN a day.



it’s the same fore me… i can mine 3etn a day


it’s the same for me… I can mine 3ETN a day


I think that is maybe correct - if the price is for now 2 cent and you can receive up to 3USD per month it is total 150 coins max. it means abou 5 coin per day (max) and If you have like me the hash rate at minimum 30 hash you will receive about 3 coins per day. If you have 50 hash - stronger phone maybe more up to 5 coins or it didnt take this in consideration -i dont know someone will need to test,
In history they boosted and everyone still think that till the end still you are receive 10 coins per day… its not true…
We have on board about 130K of miners not bad. Not be so STINGY . we need to have coins for millions new customers if you want more just share your referal code and earn 5% more - if you have 20 persons you can get 100% coins more…


The price has increased ? When I first started mining ETN, it was worth 10 times more x)


My hashrate is about 40, yet I get less than 1 ETN a day so I don’t think it’s right :confused:


Its going to go down there more users there are it makes sense they have a limited supply of premined coins they have said in the past it will be adjusted its not just you its everyone.


I am looking forward to when all mobile miners are paid 0.03etn per month! lol We all know what that would mean! :rocket::full_moon_with_face: