MINERS. What coins are you mining to trade for ETN?


Just curious…who is mining what coins to trade for more ETN.

Obviously…if you are a GPU miner like me hanging around in CryptoNight land, Mining ETN is a silly idea. The ASICS have that all buttoned up now. Sure was fun back then in the GPU days.

I have been mining Graft…until the difficulty went up.
I moved to Stellite cause it had a nice bump.
Masari is starting to look good for a replacement

I am looking at the stats in http://cryptunit.com

Tell me what you think? What you recommend? I am running about 20 KHS of GPU hashpower.


XMR , using a desktop GTX1080Ti (cpu+gpu)


That takes awhile to get one coin yes?


lol yes, only 0.3 xmr so far, but today they forked (hardened asic-resistance) so Im sticking to it. I refuse to mine and support no-name scam-coins


Where are you mining? What pool? And have you seen any pools that give you a lower payout then one XMR?


I’m supporting a small pool atm: monerohash.com:5555

Pool is ranked #12-17 ~2MH/s , 380 miners, payment threshold 0.5


We have not found any blocks since hardfork however… still mining

(edit: well, this pool found 8 blocks since the hardfork :sunny: )



Why are you supporting a pool that is not established. It will lose you money. Mining is already not very profitable. Just saying. We did that for awhile until the numbers stopped making sense.


Im using RVN, GRAFT with my Home PC (GTX960 and XEON CPU) and @ Work we have 11 x GTX 1070 Gigabyte G1 and mining ETH with 6 of them and the other 5 are running experimentally with RVN since 3 days, i did mine RVN before the spike so it turned well for me at home :slight_smile:


Nice job. I have been mining XTL Stellite lately. Was hoping I could get another big chunk of etn at lower price. But now we shall see if this is it for low price etn.