Miner tab replaced with rewards tab in Mobile wallet

Hello, I just got an ETN wallet today, and I can’t seem to find the Miner tab in the mobile wallet. It has been replaced with the rewards tab. All help is appreciated.

The mobile miner has been renamed to rewards. Mining is a confusing term that is not helpful in marketing efforts. On top of causing crypto purists to constantly badger the project about fake mining it also has world wide connotations for forced labor. Rewards is the better way to go.


Ah, I see. My impression was that you can actually generate ETN automatically with your phone. I also see that that ETN is not PoW anymore.


Indeed, Electroneum moved to a moderated PoW called Proof of Responsibility, whereby non-profit organisations are the only ones with nodes creating blocks. The next step is to move towards a BFT consensus model which will allow for faster block times and likely better decentralisation. No deadline for that as of yet, but the devs are working on it.

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