Mine with 2 phone


Can I mine with two different cell phones with the same account? the ETN would add twice?


No. that’s against the terms of use and will get your account banned.



No. Your account will be locked for breaking the terms and conditions.


Yeah, I have created another account for my mother, to be able to mine with the second phone, but its still disconnecting me. I guess I have to complete KYC for that one to continue? Weirdly enough, I never completed any KYC steps for my own account, and it seems I’m level 3 on it. I’m logging via my FB account, though.


and with different accounts can I?


I don’t know. You can try but you’ll probably have to complete KYC. Maybe they are taking in consideration same IP addresses, as someone told me before. I know the people who changed phones and having issues mining now.


Forget what I said about having level 3 account. I just checked again, and it seems I have to download the yoti app even for my main account. I’ll see to it right now.

EDIT: OH MY GOD. Yoti isn’t accepting documents from Bosnia. WTF!!! Seriously, #$%& this country. Day after day you realize the s**t you are living in. So much about mass adoption.


Heey @Renner as far as i know Yoti is busy adding more and more Countries and is the ETN Team working on solutions for people who can’t submit their KYC at the moment with the Yoti app like Richard said in an interview nobody will be left behind :wink:


Thx for the answer. I guess I’ll just have to wait.


You are welcome @Renner else you could also try and send a support ticket to Electroneum maybe they already got another way to complete it faster :wink:


You can have as many accounts as you wish, but you may only you use one account per one person to mine.