Micro payment coin


Etn is a micro payment coin designed for mass adoption. Well my question is this: How much can a coin be worth before it reaches a value that won’t be suitable for its purpose?
If its worth more than 1 cent which by the way is almost double the current value can it be called a micro payment system.
say its worth $1 or £100 which in my opinion neither will never happen, how is the average user from an un-banked country going to be able to use it?
the reality is that 1 ETN will only be worth 1 Indian Rupee in the near future as this will make it a true micro payment coin. What does everyone think?


I think I’m gonna HODL.
We’re just getting started. I’m not a mathematician but I’m pretty sure they can fix that with a fork. Chris Harrison the developer could probably answer you that.


if price gets way out of control, i think there are only two viable options, increase the decimals or increase the supply. I could be wrong but I cant think of what else they can do, there would be major inflation and would be a major problem for there target market, but like richard said, they are at the whims of the market. i think micropayments are upto 75c. But who knows what direction ETN can head down. With their vision and dedication for sure I am seeing ETN as a potential fortune 500 company. But I think a 1 dollar coin is perfect. 1 Ells would equal 1c.


Electroneum will be a different animal in a few years.
The team chose the Monero code only because was the best compromise at the time but in a few years, we might switch to a different blockchain (hard fork)… a different number of transaction/s, adding new decimals etc.
If the price increase too much( God help us) team may add 1 or 2 decimals so if you now have 100 ETN that is worth 100$ after the fork you might end up with 10000 ETN in your wallet that worth 100$…
Monero code will reach its limits in a few years.
The power of the Electroneum doesn’t come from the blockchain we use.
The power comes from the deals they make, the shops that accept ETN, the number of ppl that use ETN .
Large corporations don’t sign deals with the cryptonight algorithm they sign deals with the "Electroneum Ltd. Registered in England No. 10845797 Dun and Bradstreet No. 223070089 - Lyndean House, 30-34 Albion Place, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5DZ United Kingdom"
That’s why I find amusing whose threads that pop out with some coins with a new technology that does millions of instant transaction/s that will change the world but they don’t have any kind of deals sign and if they have they don’t rush anywhere with them.
Electroneum has an Anti-Money Laundering ( AML ) Officer hired… when you will hear another coin with this kind of employee then you will know that they talk real business.


the future of etn is exciting