Metcalfe's Law Price Prediction

OK, I’ve heard a lot about how the value of networks like ETN can be valued with Metcalfe’s Law. Metcalfe’s Law states that “the value of a telecommunications network is is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n²).”

Has anyone put some numbers together to assess what the price of ETN would be using various assumptions about the size of the network/number of users?


Squidward Tentacles

Here is a great youtube video explaining Metcalfes law as it applies to Electroneum: /watch?v=9CIfVuWR418

My formula price=active_users x active_users/registered_users/1000000
If I estimate the active users to be 2*mobile miner users=246000
registered users 2.4mill
if active users= 218000, registered users=2.4mill

if active users equals registered users then price is users/1mill i.e. 1mill users -> price=1.
1bill. users -> price 1k

of course FOMO can change the price much higher

if all the current 2.4mil users become active then the max price is 2.4

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That’s a good prediction. Lol

so a way to raise the price to activate the registered users. ETN team should send them emails to encourage them to buy ETN.

Ikelemen, how did you decide to use active users vs. registered users?

I decided to use active vs registered users just by hunch