Merging Multiple Files for KYC documents

Have any of you guys had to upload multiple KYC documents to the app? How do you do it, one at a time or what? Seems you can’t upload a zip file or even a non-zipped folder and can only select one item.

Anyone who has done this got any tips, please?

Hi Pete.

I think someone said they needed to combine all the files into a single PDF on their PC before uploading as they were limited to 1 file.

Try to use a computer to create a pdf document then email to yourself and download to your phone so u can upload in the app?

There are some free pdf software I think u can just add multiple documents to have it all in one file .

Thanks, yes, in touch with support and they’ve said it has to be one file.

Have 65 separate PDFs and JPEGs at the moment… this is going to be fun. :roll_eyes:

Thanks, I think I can upload to the app from my computer so it’s not a question of needing to get it to my phone… just seems like I have to join everything together somehow.

I once used Soda.pdf, it worked ok but could never get rid of spamming pop ups all the time!

If you use Microsoft Word, you can add all the files into that and then save as a PDF. Not sure if the same works in the OpenOffice variants

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I know they have to do this, but it’s WRONG that people should be asked for this level of detail unless they are actively under criminal investigation. Not blaming ETN Ltd but whatever or whoever thought up these regulations. :exploding_head: What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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Yeah, if they want the info they should maybe make it easy for people to upload it? Just a thought.

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I login to from my laptop to upload all the documents.

Thanks, you have uploaded more than one document at a time?

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I used a free pdf merge app on my pc which put all of the pages together. 70+ pages all in iirc. It was the only way to get approved I found.
It was creating all the PDFs and jpegs which took time. Putting them together wasn’t too bad

Yes, I have.

Tell me about it. :roll_eyes:

Thanks I’ll try doing that.


I work in the compliance world and feel some of the checks seem to be done in more depth than in the traditional finance world but I suppose that is trying to be whiter than white especially with the transferring of value through other coins

Yes, that’s what makes it so complicated, when they ask for how an amount of ETN was paid for, it’s OK if it’s just a straight BANK>COINBASE>TRADEOGRE>ETN process, but when it goes in and out of a few other coins in between and when the amount moved to the ETN app may include some that was already on an exchange before, or possibly minus a certain percentage that is left behind on the exchange for trading purposes… well, let’s just say it’s time consuming. But at least I have it in some sort of order in case anyone asks again.

So, still not sure if one document or many…

when I had to upload many files I did this on windows:
select all, right click, print, and in the printer selection I selected: print to pdf. you should select first the right order (newest to oldest or oldest to newest or by name or whatever is the right one for you)

That almost works, except it doesn’t include the ones that are already PDFs…

if you make a jpg screenshot of each page of the pdf?

or you can combine pdfs online

Yes, I’ll have to do one of those two things. I think they should maybe look at the way this is done in terms of what can be uploaded and how. I mean I sent it all to support as a zipfile because support asked me to do so, it’s not like they are THAT big a company that they can’t pass it on to the KYC department, instead of “nothing to do with us wrong department”.

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