Massive Yoti Updates Coming!


Huge Yoti updates are coming in the near future to help everyone get verified much easier so be patient we’re going to get through this KYC hurdle!

Here’s a link to the blog post about what they’ve got coming for the end of 2018 and what’s in the pipeline for 2019. I’ll also post a few key mentions from the article for those who don’t feel like visiting the blog.

Blog Link:

Yoti Expansion:

Yoti Key product for developing countries

As you’ll see from the post above this really falls inline with Electroneums mission to help
the unbanked and developing world. Long term I feel Yoti is actually a great partner despite
the current challenges many have had with it.

There is plenty more on the post but I just wanted to highlight those few that stood out a little more to me.

Thanks to @PrestoCrypto one more time for sharing it on another thread which you can see here:

Interesting Yoti Articles


Hmm… Hope they add ID for middle Europeans, like us who are stucked with verification even in developed country :slight_smile:


I assure you they are working on a solution to include everyone. Thank you for your patience ! :zap::zap::zap:


This is another good read @J5Alive


Its going to be easy and fair for everyone in the world.
We are all so different in our laws and our cultures.
Together with crypto currency and Electroneum in particular, we can level the playing field on so many borders.
The Cryptosphere represents the freedom everyone deserves to be a part of.
To benefit from and to share.


Yeah that one is really good too @PrestoCrypto and Yoti has a lot coming although their AI scan will likely take a while to work well. Most of today’s general AI is very rudimentary but making really fast progress. I suspect that face scan to accurately determine age will take a long time though. It’ll take a lot of machine learning to be accurate since of course some people look younger than they are by a lot and visa versa. Still a very interesting direction and honestly it’s the way of the future. They might well end up being quite a leader in the KYC industry due to their direction.


I am sure they will @Treeleaf , I didn’t realize they were only a year old initially. Based on the articles here they’re working on massive expansion globally.


It will be very interesting to see this next year unfold for Yoti as they have many exciting deals lined up for this coming year! They could set a tone for the industry and be industry leaders if they figure out a great process. My optimism gains for Yoti! I will continue to post further updates here!


I agree, I’m looking forward to seeing them evolve over the coming year. Absolutely, we can keep the forum updated on the changes coming with Yoti. I think 2019 all around for Electroneum and Yoti are going to be huge! Exciting times ahead.