Massive Price Gain-PARAGON


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It was wrongly classified a long time ago, but we’ll see that change in most places. The fact they’re comparing it to cocaine/heroin so on and so forth is totally ridiculous.

@The-Magic-Man He just meant that’s how the laws in most places label it not that it’s actually a narcotic. It certainly doesn’t belong on such list as they’re completely inaccurate.


I cant upload anything.
You google it…
Its an extremely broad definition.
With gene sequencing they have isolated most alkaloids that are the same as those produced in the human body .


It’s me that messes up all the time!!





My lawn was full of mushrooms this autumn. I caught some youths on hunt several nights😄


Haha did you say they can have what you leave!?


musrooooooms, like Mario and his mind expanded bunch like Yoshi!


Yes, its viking mush, we call it Sopp. That one, Flein Sopp. They was obvious under a trip too. Talked like sirup.:smile:.
Its a small pointy brown mush that grow in the gras in the autumn.


Next autumn :fallen_leaf: send some untreated my way!


Threadripper was here again


I bet you have tried Sopp!


No, only in food :smile:
Im not so into funky stuff


Half a pan of Sopp and 1 carrot :carrot: lol :joy::sunglasses::v:


Wrong Fungii Shitake


Lol… friends stew…
Ended as a special night😄


@JonneHex Did you realise that the world was one vibration and you and me we are all but one experiencing the world objectively in itself… or something along those lines! :sunglasses::v:


I did.
we all run at 2ohms and you run on 3ohms


Using kirchoffs law then the current in would be 2/5 to 3/5 then.


I must run on a single ohm then cos I just can’t resist buying more and more ETN :crazy_face: