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The was an awesome video, great job @Quorra_Merch!


Love that video! What I didnt like was like it made me want to buy more ETN!!!


Can someone please sum this video up for those of us that are less experienced and tell why it would be considered massive news please.


We show visuals. There’s not much to sum up in words that’s not summed up in the video.
Basically, GSMA is like the Mobile Industry taskforce that decides the direction of the Mobile Industry. ETN is on the GSMA Customer Advisory Board. There’s 800 Mobile Operators that are part of the GSMA.
GSMA wants to help solve world wide Economic issues using a new Digital Economy and Mobile Innovation.

Electroneum provides a new Digital Economy and ties it in with Cloud Mining via App (a Mobile Innovation). Therefore, Electroneum is essentially the solution to the problem that GSMA wants to fix…and ETN is on the Advisory Board so that means GSMA is aware of what ETN brings to the table.


That is awesome. Thank you @Quorra_Merch


I have just shared we need get more attention from ces or GSMA or operators or some media cover about us…maybe at MWC in Barcelona they will see


More attention from GSMA? ETN is part of the GSMA and invited to be part of the GSMA Customer Advisory Board. That’s what this video is about.
Mobile World Congress is put on by the GSMA.
There are over 800 Mobile Operators that are GSMA members.
Did you watch the video?


Sorry i mean that we see more partnerships from this big group of 800 operators that what i say. now we have xius, joytel and some others…
You can be in some big groups but if others dont know it or didnt know how good you are its nothing we need have succesful trial stage with JOYTELL and than others join the revolution…


Chris G told us that once a few come they all come. I trust that man knows his stuff. No worries just great times ahead.


Even if 10% or 20% take up ETN that is absolutely massive. ETN could become the first global currency.

Within 2 or 3 months I believe there will be no stopping ETN growth.


This will happen Chris G already has told us this get excited and buy more ETN Brother.


Good video - yes was great news.