Mass Adoption Timescales


I am not sure how much i will mix the banks in this discussion, but i believe we are going in to a bank crises and a recession during 2019. At the best we can ride it of and at worst larg wars can erupt, but this is a totally another discussion. The idea of a bank and most people’s sentiment about banks is that the bank is the safest way of storing money. When or if the banks can not keep the value safe it is in my opinion a bank failure, if you add that they take your value to pay their obligations to their creditors i feel the banks are doing theft. If politician is supporting the banks and not the average joe i think it is time for average Joe to find a better solution. For society to have success we need banks and cryptos to cooperate in a way that no one got any harm. Evolution of society teaks time and i want my kids to grow up in a free, safe and secure world. Blood and hunger is a no solution and anger is bad, we don’t want a revolution but evolution. I do not care about money if people got hurt, no one deserve to be hurt by banks and crypto so we are walking on a smale path.


I do actually agree with you it won’t happen over night. But didn’t Pokemon get like 30million users within days of launch. But like the other guys say here once deals are activated then the users should come quickly. Richard said 20m by EOY. Who knows… I want to see the miner plus 250,000 by the middle of the year thats where my gauge will be.


Exactly @B.F.A a favourite of mine “Evolution not Revolution”.
I mentioned Government legislation affecting mass
Adoption the other day…well the situation in Venezuela turned out to go a little differently to a country simply being liberated.
I now feel the bet that I had with myself on cryptocurrency being widely adopted may have been somewhat callous.
Millions of Venezuelans are now trying to, or have left the country for fear of their safety.


I think with britex we have to be careful in the U.K. :uk: as it could get sticky I hope Electroneum can be a company that pulls us out of that, ive stopped reading the news for FUD and just want to live in a happy bubble!


Very sad! I have heard they export oil to other countries at pence.


Cheapest fuel in the world.
They now have a"Give up smoking for Bitcoin app."
So how the app works is you dial in your country and how many per day you smoke.
In turn it tells you how long it takes you to afford one bitcoin.
Seem a little boring huh?
Australia 5 and a half months/Bitcoin
Venezuela 10 years/Bitcoin
Thats a good enough reason to give up smoking fiat
And start piping up some quality Electroneum I reckon.


Don’t smoke how long on 20’a day I bet it’s less than a year!!


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I’m thinking McDonalds for the deal now!! That’s a BIG deal!!


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Lol, that’s a good point. I have not eaten there in many years, I honestly cannot recall the
last time I did. There are just too many possibilities what is coming, I’m not even trying to
predict anymore.


Hopefully people will hate the WhatsApp coin. Because if that takes off I’d hate it, all people need to do is realise that there are other ways to store wealth. And it will be essential. But by the time the average guy catches on, they get left behind. There are so many projects in a few years that all have the potential to be better than any bank. etn will be one of many. :slight_smile:


Exactly… hahaha :slight_smile: