Mass Adoption Timescales


If we think that mobile companies will cooperate with a common solution for payment in cryptos… ETN can be like the sms was. If ETN becomes a mobile payment standar… masse adoption will come fast, but it will take years before it becomes the same as a sms, think about how long it took before everybody start texting


Yeah i’m so hyped can barely focus on my actual life lmao.

To add to the stress im probably switching work in feb also, but it’s gonna be a great step if i get the position as machine operator @ a greatly expanding company that produces cheaper, flame/explosive proof FULLY recycable, environmentally friendly household / commericial & industry batteries that we have not seen before!
Exactly what i want and most importantly NEED to do. Many smiles this year so epic


For the undeveloped/banked I think they can probably shift pretty fast compared to the rest of the developed nations.

But yes I agree, we will not shift the world in a blink of an eye. But a BIG step can be extremely fast and very close to mass adoption.


Norway is 5M people… ETN is close to 3M people, when is masse adoption? I think we need to define masse adoption


But it’s all everyone does now @B.F.A


Indeed, I was going to add in my first reply that it can be hard to define mass adoption.

But to me it would be 500m users something. And considering we already have 90m~ something potential users through our already signed partnerships (without live product). I therefore think that once that full product aka cloud app, vendor directory, gig economy etc is completed and running we will press the “go” button and we will probably see some shift in the user numbers. All of this is very close to be completed and running if the timeframes of Q1 holds.


Daily coin output currently at 6.3Million coins are mined + mobile miner drops. More than 1.2B coins will be mined over the next 6 month.


Mass adoption in a TED talk I watched was 10-18% of the population then new investors come in and also I’ve heard it’s when 9 out of 10 people have heard of the product. So it’s not going to be a definitive answer at all @B.F.A I think 800 million 10% of the population will do it for me so we are NUMBER 1 crypto… how would you define it?


I have a totally different theory now I will share in a day or so…


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I’m not spending a single ETN I don’t have to!! I just got that “Aghh Ha” moment!!!


Topic Evolution of the Blockchain ■ Adoption ■ 3.0》 4.0
Anyway, were treading virgin ground here…
Mass adoption can be anything from that will never work to Crypto-kitties (crashed the network servers within hours of release).
A great holdup with the Adoption factor is …
1.Local Government Legislation
2.“Intervention” by conventional (traditional financial institutions)
Eg.see latest on the situation in Venezuela.
Im betting one Bitcoin that a change in the laws and the financial institutions control affects adoption that greatly.
All profits from this bet with myself will be lovingly transformed into Electroneum.

Heres a recent Article from NuggetsNewsAU.

This is what the entire Industry is up against.
Not other projects…The existing system is shutting us down.
This constitutes nothing less than an act of economic
This isnt evolutionary.
Its an act of war



Your right in my opinion that’s just plain holding their business hostage because they are scared of losing control of peoples funds. Why would it take over a month to reply, but Electroneum are compliant with KYC and AML so would they not bee seen in a different light? What is the other side of the story if there is one?


Ask Maduro…if you can find him.
Thats the other side.
I did answer your question above.
Without going into blatent disregard of AFCA Law.
Theres an ongoing Royal Commission into Banking here.
The results so far explain and reinforce what could be taken as my personal opinion.
Its very real and very selfish.


That is outrageous. Unbelievable. The banks are fighting a losing battle and they know it. This kind of behaviour only serves to expose the banksters in the end. Thanks for posting @Pahini


What i speculate in is that the banks in AUS is about to fail…


They failed the basic human rights tests is what the commission concluded.
Punishment pending on laws to be changed to increase the levels to the magnitude of the crime.
Theres a call for the CEO s and XOs directly knowlegeable and responsible to do some gardening in the big house for a while. (JAIL TIME)


If that is true because of their new inclusion bill passed that people lose everything if the bank fails and the people are responsible for the banks failures then I see that there will be no confidence in banks at all and everyone will turn to crypto on a large scale because if it can happen in one western continent then we should all be worried in my opinion and be in control of our own money! I would love to be able to be paid in crypto (ETN) and for that service to be rolled out that it was inclusive all around the world in the gig economy so I can go to the store and by food for the week/month and also pay bills. If not just use Fiat Pairing to swap it to my currency to pay bills.



I have been thinking a lot about mining with ETN and obviously the Mobile Miner to me is a free same to make you want more, so it will last a long time in my opinion to gather and gain enough traction to get people on board that are unbanked and banked alike. The focus is on the unbanked to get them to use Electroneum and I think it was a few billion that are not banked at the moment. Trust is where this is won over, in my thoughts on the matter it’s a two pronged attack for Electroneum to get new unbanked users to use ETN as a bank and also to convert people that bank at the moment to come on board with their eco system. This being said, I can see a snow ball effect happening very quickly where the unbanked want more money than they would usually get and the banked wants cheaper skilled labour than it usually gets giving us a very good scales of economy!