Mass Adoption Timescales


It seems to me that Electroneum have a plan for the future that involves most of their Proof of Works coins in the public domain in the next 3 years. Does this mean that they expect their eco system to be up and running within that time scale, so is 2021 end of year their planned date for total MASS ADOPTION with everything running correctly by then or will it be sooner and why do you think that? Thoughts please?

Increasing the Mobile Miner payout

I would like to see them prolong the miner to last a good 5 to 10 years, if we run out of etn in 2021 I feel like that,s too soon and a bit rushed not allowing for full mass adoption in the unbanked areas.


I’m not saying it will run out just that a good proportion will be in circulation the Mobile Miner has only paid out about 90 million so far I believe and has 8 billion or so to go though yet.


The proof of works side of the coin will get harder and harder but in 3 years seems like a large amount of that side of the coin will be out and the scarcity will increase the coin market cap I believe. Leaving the Mobile Miner still paying out $4 per user.


Interesting point …

More research needed ( for me ) replying and bookmarked for future…



I may have got my numbers wrong @Plankton but it seems like a mass currency would need mass circulation quickly to evolve and the mobile miner will continue seperatly, with the hash coming from the high coin cap that has grown.


there are plenty pre mined to last at least 10 yeears! :slight_smile:


Just by the very virtue of Electroneums’ business design, it’s not possible for the price to stay the same. In the long run, Electroneum would have to fail miserably for the price to stand still and considering everything that is already in place, it would take a major catastrophe for failure to be a reality.
So I imagine that the mobile miner will be running for many many years. I have no idea how many exactly, but I can’t see them running out of coins in the next couple of years.


Pretty hard for any coin to be mass adopted so fast.
Imo near 2025, no way faster. There are too many factors with big influence upon the market. Regulations, governments are going ham on cryptos.


Thats fair @LordSF95 I wanted peoples opinions, 6 years is a long way off though I think It might gain traction a bit quicker now the internet has made the world smaller.


Maybe. I didnt say no, i hope you are right but for me everything is still bearish


They must have an ace up there sleeve to say BIG news though and if we decoupled from bitcoin and I believe transact quicker than VISA to anybody on the planet it has some pluses if marketed correctly.


Not so worried about marketing, i think we have the best marketing team out there.
We have many aces but in the end is the market rules everything. You cannot mess with it no matter how brilliant your coin is.
Again for me etn will be adopted, if, around 2025 and not faster


@LordSF95 I hope it’s sooner I would be great to just carry my phone and keys with me.


@LordSF95 I don’t think bearish or bullish will have any relevance. Once the deals are active, the demand will naturally increase, regardless of what the market is doing. ETN will no longer be speculative.


I could agree with this it a case of how much coinage you can get circulating in the quickest time to make it a viable currency. It seems that the coins on the proof of work are churning out. We are over a third of our total supply at about a year in. Just my thoughts also. @Cosmicrypto


I agree currently the market is traders and holders. Once deals are live they will be creating a ecosystem of their own unseen before. If they create enough demand we have a limited supply, than the market will demand the available supply because of the deals. We first must gauge impact of a live deal but the combined ecosystem once all functioning will be unlike everything else and bring a true use case imo.

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Personally I think that mass adoption just might be closer then one would think, just looking at the GSMA homepage tells me that eventually all of those 350~ and growing companies with 100s millions of users will eventually in one or another way be working hand to hand with eachothers.

We might not be doing all 350 companies this year or even next year, but just one or a few couple of them will speed up the process quite substantially where they can demonstrate how amazingly easy, cheap and fast ETN is for everyone anywhere @ anytime.
And i’m expecting that somewhere around MWC we will be going full released cloud app, gig economy website, full instant payment release, launch vendor directory + officially live with all the already signed partners, and ofcourse the 2 HUGE + potentially more announcements as stated by Mr Rich.

I have maybe pulled my hand a bit far out, but I truly do believe it will be faster then one could imagine.

Really all I can say from my personal puzzle fitting is that one year from now I don’t think we will be talking about mass adoption in the same way anymore.


Exactly! And Gorman did say that in telecommunications, they tend to work together, not just compete against each other. When one comes on board, the rest follow. No one wants to be left behind in the game


And he has a knighthood for I think it’s 80 or more deals so he must have some influence or pull in this world. It’s going to be exciting I wish it was next month already especially with these new rumours of the Samsung Blockchain phone… Apple has some catching up to do and need to do it fast!