Mass adoption The phone that pays you Back M1 Give-away

@Tika Well tell me first so I can give you the ETN for it! Thanks my friend!

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@Tika I raised 16687 ETN for top ups. But there is no activity. So can you maybe find another person for M1 Phone and we give it away?? If you can buy it in SA?


Jernej, believe me as I said I tried everything, asking on the South African twitter page, where I can buy a M1, nothing! Theonly answer is the last video of Jonathan, who says there is a shippment underway to SA, but as of today, no further info?


I have ETN but nowhere to send it are they waiting for it to 10x so we can give away 10 phones! :thinking::+1:

Well done for collecting so much I’m the same as you I don’t want people thinking I have just been donated to and done nothing. I want to get the ball rolling or at least get a message that I can know when it will happen!

Well sheesh, ya just don’t import communications devices and electronics because you want to. There are official import regulations to ahere too.


Haha :joy: hello my friend I hate regulations like a sticker on a phone stopping an import!!

Yeah, but it’s reality.

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Yes this was discussed previously.

I wonder if this was an issue. You’d hope not.


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I don’t think they will have any serious issues getting approval, just meant it’s not an instant easy button process. Might be actual agency testing involved. Don’t have a clue as to the actual process involved.

But I’m sure it is more complicated than showing up in port at the docks and saying hey we’d like to sell our phones here. Thanks where do we unload them?

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It actually is that easy. I think spazashop made them over think it, otherwise. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it it for permission. :slight_smile:

I was refering to that.

Importing goods into other countries always involves some gov’t red tape of some sort to deal with, especially with electronic and communication devices.

Yes exactly, a hurdle is only a hurdle when you forget to think about the hurdle. Just like kyc they had no idea until it was a problem. A bit of forward thinking would have worked.

Yeah, well I have no idea what has transpired exactly. They are pretty new to this importing goods thing after all.

I somehow doubt they were totally oblivious that some sort of approval would be required. Whoever manufactured the M1 would already know that and would probably have shared that info with ETN if ETN hadn’t already investigated import laws for various target markets.

Sounds like your moaning about it to me!

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Just noticed you seem to have written “it” then “it” again. Think I understood what you meant so I just left until now.

Did you mean “is” @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7

Have a great day!

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After a comma and is not the usual stance in English it’s one or the other.

This should read;
Please be patient and have some consideration.

Please remember how to use commas correctly or stop pointing out others errors until you are perfect. That will be never because you made mistakes on the first two I have come across.

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I haven’t forgotten about this there is a total of 14557 ETN ready to be given to buy a phone in South Africa As Soon As They Are Available!



Nice …

Thats going to be one happy person . You will all of made someones day week or even year the best ever…



Good Day All

Just letting all know that the M1 is in South Africa and we are literally only waiting for our ICASA approval.

I am the Regional Manager and the person driving the on the ground activation in South Africa.

I will let all know once we get our approval back