Mass adoption The phone that pays you Back M1 Give-away


Mass adoption…
The Phone that pays you Back!
M1 Give-away!


United Kingdom 🇬🇧 thread to Chat
Setting up a Charity

@The-Magic-Man - 2000 ETN
@gjfrom - 1000 ETN
@Cryptoman976 - 1060 ETN
@unknown - 250 ETN
@Storm -10 ETN
@unknown - 315.39 ETN
@unknown - 2000 ETN
@unknown - 744.61 ETN
@Dr_Jan_Itor - 100 ETN
@Jernej - 1111 ETN
@gjfrom - 3000 ETN
@MikeFWT210 - 1000 ETN
@KarEnTam - 500 ETN
@unknown - 666 ETN
@unknown - 100 ETN


Pay It Forward For M1 Phones
Getting the good news to the unbanked in South Africa!
ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

Sent 1000 your way. Let me know when you get the phone!



Received with much thanks @gjfrom i have edited the top!!

Please look at @J5Alive thread also

Pay It Forward For M1 Phones



I’ve thrown in 2000 ETN so we only need another 7-8k ETN and a delivery system for the M1 Phone maybe @Maritz I remember you being in South Africa :south_africa: or could suggest a way to give away a phone on or off forum!? Do you own a shop?



Ty very much for the link to my thread too @The-Magic-Man, much appreciated!

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Hi @The-Magic-Man Yes I own Sector PC online shop with nationwide delivery. I am trying to get in touch with the ETN team to find out how we can get and list this phone here at our store. Even willing to do free delivery exclusively for the electroneum phone and by paying for it with etn.

We can even go that far as hosting a competition on our store to get a free M1

Just need to know who to contact regarding this @ImogenD @BegaMutex @Jeff_Knight @ETNCEO @Rach ?



@Maritz I was thinking you could maybe give away at South African Address so it’s known because it’s all investors on here I believe and not new blood! Or maybe on here I don’t know?



Yes, we are located here in South Africa, if that is what you meant?



Yes I have no likes :heart: Left then maybe on here or maybe ask the team @BegaMutex @Jeff_Knight



I have, in previous comments, hoping they will reply



Please can people invite users to this thread my button seems to be missing! At the bottom!

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Also do not have the invite button on this thread



This is a great idea @Maritz are you located near the 3 cities they are starting in? I feel they may take interest in this. I’ve visited your site before but could you explain it for those who don’t know.

Also where are your main sales coming from are they local? Also more insight on data/top up usage in that area would be great. How does price of phone compare to others in your area. I would really appreciate this information it is very invaluable having someone located in that area in our community. I believe you could bring some insight to us as how the way of life/cost is there.

I think there will be options to come and that having strategic partners as yourself in the area promoting would be beneficial.




the 3 Cities mentioned in their email:
Johannesburg - We are neighbors (20km apart)
Durban - 620KM apart
Capetown - 1200KM apart

we only sell local (no international delivery as of yet). Our nationwide deliveries to anywhere in South Africa takes anything from 2 - 4 Days depending on location and whether you are situated in side or outside of main center hubs.

As of current exchange rate:

$80 = ± R1199

Most entry level smart phones here start at ± R1500-R2000 range depending on carrier and retailer of course

Now the fact of life here is in the rural areas they can live a week with just R5 airtime and often struggling to just get that amount for airtime, that is why we have on all our cellphone networks a function called “please call me” which is a free service you can use to send someone a text to phone you back.

But all this said 95% of them still owns a smartphone, which they paid much more than R1400 for

So having this phone, selling it for R1200 or less including having them set up with cloud mining and giving the opportunity to not only have R5 airtime but R50 airtime or data a month for free?? It is a no brainer to be honest.


ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

This is such invaluable information thank you for writing this up. I think @Cryptoman976 might like this info also.

I think it is a great idea @Maritz can you please post your site again here for those who haven’t seen it.

How much data does R5 get you with local top up mvno’s?

Also with the m1 the app is pre-installed therefore users do not need to spend precious data downloading the app. In a sense saving them more. I really appreciate your insight :+1:

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well R5 in our currency :wink:
converted to USD = $0,36



How much data does R5 provide? 25mb?



about. 25mb more or less R9 - Also depending from each network provider

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So the double data offer of 50mb for R9 is a reasonable offer to current market.

At current price it is around 92etn cost for that plan a week. The mobile miner will pay a portion of this also.

Essentially a 50mb top up every payout

So you would agree this is a attractive deal to your local economy?

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