Mass adoption - everyone use ETN mobile app


Nice picture - mass adoption - everybody want free crypto - I am not sure if it is from Catalonia?


Yes, Catalonia via Mumbai. :smile:


Ok thanks because I am not sure people look likes Indians for me or from Espana… But flag is Catalonia maybe… :smiley: but nice that we have again over 100K mobile miners - right now over 107K :wink:


if each of these guys in picture tell 10 friends about ETN and there friends tell 10 people and then there friends tell 10 more and so on and so on… this thing is going to grow like crazy!!


In india now there is no use of crypto i think it will take more time to awareness…i personally refer almost 10-15 friends but only 5 or 6 interested to talking about crypto- currency…no vendor or store online/ offline accept any crypto…and RBI ban or bank not support crypto exchanges here is lots of complication.


For this reason i have i at my twitter as pinted post check it here (everyone need to be so kind to say about ETN to their friends, collegues, etc.:


Its a Nice picture slowly mass adoption Will come and more people Will come in and start to use ETN around the world :grin:


Mumbai will alway be Bombay to me! :wink:


yeah but if mobile operators in that area accept ETN for minutes or data…ITS GAME OVER…Mass adoption is going to to be done with ETN!!


Love it guys :two_hearts: the road to mass adoption


Fuck, I’m out of likes. I would have liked this if I could! :smiley:


Let me like yours then @Saint_Crypto :yum:


Hi guys,can anyone here create a nice ETN picture talking about the app briefly…I want to use it as my display picture on all my social media…thnx


Here is one…


Wow great but if you can turn the phone to be more visible the electroneum mobile miner. :wink: I will than use it too. Thanks


I’ll ask him to pose for me tomorrow some more :slight_smile:


Ok so its here I use it for our grow together we are unstopable :wink: i want to receive 5 likes and 5 retweets we need to use more hastags to be more visible at different spaces :smiley: