Markets are dropping It's way too quiet! News we need some good news


The world seems to be in a bit of a rut , way too many things to mention .

But we (etn hodlers ) could do with a bit of goodness in these dark times… doesn’t have to be price rise just some good old fashioned goodness.
Good news … we never hear it on the Gogglebox anymore it’s just doom and gloom .
Questions are being asked on social media , not answered .
People are asking about kyc and there are very few replies.
Comments on twitter etc
Do etn know what kyc is , are they stuck for answers ,
Kyc this , kyc that… Ahhhhhhh panic…

I’ve heard that support are sending people back to the community for help…( Spoke to support and this is not the case )

People are saying markets are crashing!

Yet in electopia all is calm all is quiet .
Is this a calm before the storm .

Well I for one am hoping the team are busy preparing for world breaking news. It is after all good news Friday.

So in the mean time , don’t worry electroneum we got this covered , we will hold the fort …

No news is good news …

Have a fantastic weekend everyone .
No matter what hits the fan , we have our community our family…

Whispers are Whispers , rumours are rumours … Great things are coming to those who wait.
P.s this is just a bit of fun

All tickets have referred to here in recent 3 days!
BitcoinExchangeGuide KYC Article

I don’t really know, but i’ve seen all markets going down yesterday and today a little better, but still down. If you read journals all market, also stock and money, went down. Europe all down, and Borsa di Milano was the better with a -0.3%. Yesterday was a black thursday


i dont know whats happening too… too quiet i see.


I would imagine they’re dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s.
Get ready for the storm … this is the quiet that precedes it.


Something is coming :thinking:



The Electroneum team will be busy working behind the scenes on whatever has been planned for the past year. Giants like Apple, Facebook etc dont go around giving news every week so why should be expect the same from electroneum.