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I dont think this has been discussed anywhere here, if it has I do apologise and will remove this post.
My favourite exchange is Cryptopia, as much as people like to slag this exchange off I like it. They used to have a marketplace and since it has been closed I havent found one since! Is there anywhere that we can go direct to spend our ETN right now? whether that be a vendor or an exchange…
I do have to say though that I have only just got round to signing up on here so i may be behind on where things are currently upto,
anyway thanks community…

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Heey @775655afd8f8582a6421 i could be wrong but i don’t think it’s there yet but it might definitely come in the future! who knows Electroneum got some of these ideas in their head also @ETNCEO :thinking: or maybe someone might be working on one but soon you’ll be able to spend your ETN in lots of online stores that participated in the beta! And the gig economy website will be coming out soon and there are already a couple sites that accept ETN as payment like this one for example:


Thanks for reply folks, however I was talking more about a market place the same as cryptopia. On there people could sell items such as rigs and mining equipment (upon other weird things) but crypto was accepted as a direct payment. ETN merch is a fantastic way to advertise and will definetly be one of my purcheses once we hit a bull. Thanks again for replying