Marketing / social media ads

Hey all, once the wave of Electroneum adds start popping up on facebook, I think we need to be supper supportive in the comments, having a look at other crypto adds you see people hating on the project from the get go.

What I’m proposing is when an add goes live, we all give it a like or whatever, and post positive comments of our experience and make sure to like each others comments to make sure they stay the most relevant, rather than the ‘shitcoin’ ‘garbage’ comments we and other projects will get.

Let me know your thoughts, we could have the add links released in our TG groups from where someone has shared it, and bump up our reputation on social media.



The funny thing is that all the comments will be true because this is the best project in crypto. Not shilling just being honest.


Sounds like it could be a good idea, when did they say they were gonna run Facebook ads?

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Exactly, - but you always get trolls, and comments that attract negativity, and etn has faced a lot of that as I’m sure you’re aware… so if we could filter that stuff out with us lot working together. Makes the marketing look alot better. :metal:

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