Marketing Ideas


Does anyone have any ideas what ETN could do to spread it’s popularity. Use your imagination and try to think outside of the box.

I was thinking about an ad that has the mobile phone scanning a QR-code. with some text on the right side of the picture(something like: “You are one step(or scan) away of participating in the world of cryptocurrency”). If you would actually use a QR scanner app and try to scan the ad you’d be redirected to the Electroneum homepage. If you would make an account with your phone after you scanned that QR code, you would get a free ETN airdrop of 10 ETN. Maybe by then we already have some vendors active who would gladly accept your free 10 ETN for a cup of coffee or Tea :slight_smile:

There you go. that’s my idea…
What is Yours? :smiley:


that is an awesome idea YoC. It would also be great if ETN would do something like say buy you a coffee at partnering coffee shop-chain for the first 10 transactions you make using the ETN platform. “ETN’s Coffee and Crypto”… kind of play on the whole “when can i buy a coffee with my BTC”.


public fliers and business cards with QR codes are old but effective. They still work in 2018


Adoption is important, we need people using the app, how many people around us (Family, friends) knows about this from us and how many of them are using it, we can begin talking to people f2f!!!


A catchy slogan conest


QR stickers on every school and bus stop in every city around the world:)