Marketing for the community


There have been so many good things that have been written in this forum, and there is so many great skills among the users, howe can we benefit from that?

If those skill film makers can make their marketing film for ETN that we can post in our social media, we can reach manny new users. I have seen so many good films about ETN that I almost sign up once more. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that.

Think about alle the people we can reach for free, all the venders that haven’t heard about ETN, all the app developers that haven’t heard about ETN, all the unbanked that haven’t heard about ETN, all the investors that haven’t heard about ETN I could be writing this all day long.

The community should rise and get the 3M users before the end of september, that would have been awesome. And all we do is posting some of those amazing films about ETN, it is only a few mouse klikk away for us to start the bull run.


I was thinking about this yesterday! I think it would be great if people with websites and whatnot would provide some free advertising space for ETN, as an example.


I’m actually thinking I’ll push out my mobile game in the next month or so, wouldn’t mind including some adverts for the Mobile Mining app.


Promoting ETN via Youtube Channels

I agree our community already could reach So much without Electroneum even starting their marketing yet if we put our hands togheter and skills we can spread the word around! If your game is ready @Satsukeshi then let us know i want to try it out for sure! :open_mouth:


I am in alot of facebook groups and can reach over a million people. A proper good film with all the highlights would be awesome. @Satsukeshi that will be perfect. The more people that can see Electroneum the more people will want it. One day a big company will see Electroneum and they will want Electroneum.


Awesome if someone makes an Awesome ETN video then we can spread it around @B.F.A now need someone that could make the most amazing video ever to spread around :thinking:


Hope someone can, because i can’t.


@PHXInvestors @B.F.A I’ll definitely let you guys know! The core gameplay is finished, I just need to go back in and redo the graphics side of things. It’s a pretty awesome (and totally unique) puzzle game; targeting Android first, then I may port it over to other platforms later.


I can’t give you more than one hart/likes if i could i will give you millions :slight_smile:


Speaking of that, what every become of that documentary crew that suppose be filming the ETN team back in June?


Hey, I forgot about that! I too would like to know!


I don’t think they have set a release date yet, but the film is called Beyond Bitcoin, and is looking to be an in-depth documentary about what’s happening in the crypto world, and what possible futures that lies ahead of us.


Great, thanks for the update!


good post i literally had the same idea yesterday, but i dont want to spend the time and money unofficially marketing and adverting for ETN. But ur right we should keep brain storming as a community.


If we are 1000 or 10 000 people that 2-3 times a week post 4-6 different good ETN feelgood facts videos, some CEO and allot of people will see and act on it. When we comes to the bull marked early or mid next month, people will be aware of what is happening. The community can recrute anything from 1M-10M inn to ETN before xmas if we want. Share information and make people download the app.


I post this video her because we should help this man to spread the word, this is a ggreat way to get pople in to ETN


that’s a very interesting video @B.F.A :open_mouth: