Marketing ARMY (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc.)


There were 2 people that made a thread about this before me so I posted on one of their threads to be polite. I think Msystem started second one but I also posted on the fight the dump thread so atleast most people will see it as that is the most viewed thread.
In my opinion I think admin should make a thread, lock it, pinn it and keep it updated so nobody can post to it burying it that way the list can be clearly seen by everyone immediately when they click on it. We don’t need to give every market just the major one if the exchange lets us see it without registering as some don’t.
If someone is waiting for a long time for Electroneum to be traded on an exchange in their country they will want to know fairly quickly and not have to scroll up through 100 posts so that’s why I think it should be pinned and locked.


Good Idea @Aironeous


Please i need list of all ETN supporters can you help me? we need to follow and support each other :wink:


Have a look at this:

And for comparition i make the same list with data taken from coinpaprika:


I want to show you my results i want to teach you and not be alone that receive this BADGE. Join me.
What are you waiting for :wink: you need to have patience and work hard.


we know, you are the Badge-King, keep shilling ETN to the uneducated brother 20_HEARTS


I updated list of youtubers and added some more Facebook groups so you can join them and making some work there :wink: or invite some users here :slight_smile:


This is pretty AWESOME share everywhere and thanks :wink:
I take tweets from xterest and post itself and creating an article:


Here’s my conversation with epic games:

Their response:

It may be worth making some (graceful) noise on their Twitter account?



On which post should we make Electroneum noise? I am ready :muscle::muscle:


I’ll have a look :+1:


Maybe this one? It’s pinned so good exposure?



thanks, did my part too…now lets see if we get some help from the best community ever :slight_smile: :chipmunk::chipmunk:


Thanks @KarEnTam we’re just getting it on their radar right? :wink:
I loved it how the staff member that replied to my email was into crypto too! He’s bound to follow through :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


yes, thats nice to see. I think we should every week “attack” interesting sites on twitter to accept ETN, If we get few in a year that then decides to really accept it, we are true winners and ETN team will be proud :))


Brilliant! I’ll be up for that. This is how change happens. When there’s enough demand, corporations listen :zap::zap::zap:



Join someone my army at Twitter? Do we have more youtubers? Let me know :slight_smile: