Marketing ARMY (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc.)


Might be off topic, but here’s an article from the Jan/Feb Wired magazine I read today. It mentions Bitpesa, Revolut and Monzo.


Finally! Yay @Mr.CryptoCz Huge Congratulations! :heart:
Ive got some simply amazing followers lately.
Ive got press as well.
Working on a few other angles but Im not wanting to get too big…
Its just not comfortable.
Youll only find me here and twitter ( from November 18)
Im all new to this social media stuff.
Im a Dinosaur!


See the post I made in the last thirty mintes on the dump club .next decade of development.


Im making progress. Just over a month on twitter .
Thankyou all for your Amazing Support…@Mr.CryptoCZ in particular…Youre thd greatest!


Thank you so much @Mr.CryptoCZ for making this brilliant thread. The infographics and marketing material are AWESOME! It’s such a great and eye catching way to get people’s attention and bring awareness to our coin.


Here is one I just made :joy::grin: In the spirit of things


Aww snap out of :heart: again …help @Cosmicrypto!


Thats great @Annastasia it is working.
Got a couple more artists following me and Ive PMd them asking them for input to the forum.
Im trying to use this as a bit of a recruiting drive for the expansion of forum and the eco system on the whole , as the voting we have been doing lately on exhanges and such is a great audince to address when spirits are high.
Rising price at the moment will gain more interest to anything interesting we can lay on the table for them .


Thanks @Pahini that’s wonderful! I can feel the momentum building and can’t wait to see the developments around GSMA time next month :fireworks:


Everything points to that time.
SEC ,BAKKT It’s going to be a crazy End toFebruary!!
With one heck of a roller coaster ride in between.


Some great points in this thread. Increasing the social presenece online is a must! Itll really help Electroneum and us (the best community in the world) GROW.

I love revolut and it is similar in a sense that they are mobile based/a relatively new Fintech company. Ill go and review it. Not quite sure if the playstore will allow me to name drop. But i will do it :smiley:


Thanks @drpanda thats great!


@Anthony @KarEnTam
VOTE AGAIN on Clearpoll. We just voted again.


I’m on it @Pahini


I’m on it too @Pahini


Sweeeeet :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:
Simply Amazing Impact on Twitter.
Thanks @Anthony


Here are 15 Fintech companies taken from an article that @PrestoCrypto posted in another thread that could be potential partners or competition. Let’s let their communities know about Electroneum - in a friendly and respectful way of course without shilling.

Blockchain Bank Startups Rating

  1. :1st_place_medal:OmiseGO — HQ: Singapore | Raised: $25 mln.
  2. :2nd_place_medal:Revolut — U.K. | $250 mln.
  3. :3rd_place_medal:Zamzam — Turkey | No data
  4. Hold — Lithuania | $14 mln.
  5. MenaPay — Turkey | No data
  6. Crypterium — Estonia | $51.6 mln.
  7. UTRUST — Switzerland | $20 mln.
  8. Bankera — Lithuania | $150.9 mln.
  9. CoinsBank — U.K. | No data
  10. Humaniq — U.K. | $5.2 mln.
  11. TenX — Singapore | $80 mln.
  12. Paygine — U.S. | No data
  13. Wirex — U.K. | $3.2 mln.
  14. Hada DBank — Malaysia | $3 mln.
  15. Bitwala — Germany | No data


Hey guys! i found this re-posted by Palm Venice Beach on Twitter- they have a sizeable following, if you feel like going on there and commenting ETN :slight_smile:



Eca comments are going wild! Nice to see their community gather as well but I like it better when it’s all ETN! :chipmunk::blue_heart::zap::blue_heart::chipmunk:


This is post that need own post and to updated weekly… or when some changes come…