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Can someone please make a bittrex vote link post on reddit :+1:

@TruthfulRob @CryptoNWO @AllAboutTech @xterest @MSystem @99CENTS @Nascimento @Emmanuel Can you guys please make a shout out video on YouTube for commenting on bittrex post on Twitter to be listed on their exchange ! :wave::+1::zap::facepunch:


Of course yes! And thanks for the idea!


Awesome thank you ! Bittrex is a great opportunity for Electroneum :zap: great work on the videos by the way. :+1:


I trust @Nascimento is well !,!


The enthusiasm can not be faulted. Is it a good idea to promote so hard when the product is not ready yet though? Is it best that new users experience the KYC process in its current, unrefined state?



90% ETN …this time!!


No @Pahini, i think you are wrong. Its more like 95% :stuck_out_tongue:
Electra must of gave up…


I pulled out the heartstrings.
I am wrong and you are right bro…
But Crypto is the real winner here!


Please just make sure you use the $etn in your comments and not only the #electroneum. As this is a requirement i believe. @Mr.CryptoCZ


Just updated my twitter a bit, so i will look more legit :smiley:


Now only gain more followers :smiley: 1000+ than 3000+ etc


Me Also…


Thanks guys if you have more audience and retweet all top ETN tweets it will be great. I filter every time the hastags ETN or electroneum and filter the newest or top tweets and like all of them and some too I retweet to my followers and better is to retweet to bigger audience so my advice is to join follow army and gain bigger userbase of your followers…
Look at the last one. I want that our community grows to 10 000 members here until end of February will you help me? Now we have here almost 6 000 users :slight_smile:
For the next few days please use this hastags at Twitter if you have some good article or video or some of my or ETN mirror top tweet :slight_smile:
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Super stuff will get using these pics and tweet styles. Using $etn is that needed?

Go etn!!!:iphone::earth_asia::raised_hands:


Hi, this “VOTE” on John’s twitter is not a start yet…he replied to me this has not started yet…oh gosh…

So prepare for the real Finale :smiley:

ETN VS Electra twitter vote FINAL

What the …?
Good practice!


:zap: Time to WIN :zap:
Bring the army @Mr.CryptoCZ to VOTE :zap:


My 5th badge granted for 1000 click on my link. I just received due to this awesome post. We need more people like me :smiley:


Hey @Mr.CryptoCZ, thanks for taking the time to curate all the snippets of info we can copy and paste. I’ve seen you’re quite prolific on the Twitter polls as well as @Pahini. I vote on all the twitter polls but generally spend my time refuting the misinformed on YouYube as well as mentioning Electroneum seed on any Fintech videos I come across, which is the segway to the point of my post…

As we’re a Fintech company, I think it would be a good move to sow the Electroneum seed amongst the customer base of all the leading disruptive mobile based Fintech companies, which are:

Revolut (3+ million users)
Munzo (2 million users)
N26 (1+ million users)

Their users are early adopters of tech, want an alternative to regular banks on their phones, want the best exchange rates, free withdrawals abroad and the ability to buy crypto. I know this is not Electroneums target demographic (in the short term) but exposing these people to Electroneum might help to spread the word at a faster pace and gain some new users and advocates.

These three companies have been interviewed on Techcrunch, RT, CNBC and Bloomberg and they also have a large number of YouTubers reviewing their products. These are the channels we should be respectfully commenting on to mention the benefits of Electroneum as an upcoming alternative.

Revolut and Monzo also enable crypto purchases via their app so how about we suggest the addition of Electroneum in the ideas/recommendation section of their community forums? They both use the same forum as us. I guess it’s unlikely they’d consider adding electroneum at this moment in time, but it’s probably worth mentioning it to create awareness amongst their dedicated community members and their admin/staff.

Lastly, someone mentioned in another post about leaving 5 star reviews for the electroneum app on the android app store. How about we leave positive reviews in the app store for the 3 apps mentioned above and name drop electroneum as another great app they might want to check out.