Marketing ARMY (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc.)


Hi to all i am here to help YOU and to help US to reach our targets and it is faster MASS ADOPTION of our lovely Electroneum to every country at the WORLD.
I am really active at Twitter mostly so I can give you some advices how to succed there and get attention or gain more followers and I REALLY need your help.
I want to create an TWITTER army at least 30 supporters, better 50 ETN Supporters, better to say Electronians.
I am addicted to our project.
So here is tutorial how to gain 50+ followers at Twitter daily.
Only what you need is to subscribe to this list:

And like only post not older than 5 minutes, best is to be in 1st minute - than you can get more follow. Then followback all users back.
Better is to have bigger audience if you want to be succesfull soldier :smiley:
I gain without this per year 5000 follow and for last month (1300 more) with this possibility so I want you too grow with me. If we have bigger audience from all over the world we can succed much better and faster.
What next - you have about 2 weeks to gain at least 500+ followers
Than next phase : You need to like all post that use hastags #ETN #Electroneum

We need too more people to create awesome content - so it means sharing some new articles about Electroneum or good is to use Coinpaprika, Coincheckup (did you know that we have 2nd biggest algoscore from all cryptocurrencies?) you can sharing awesome content… etc or some data from my excel.

Or some community statistic from coinpaprika

Or use coingecko and compare social communities there

and create tweet like this:

Or use awesome web Electroneum101

And create post like this one:

And we all need support with voting on multiple pools at Twitter, I often saw comment only with our name but we can be more specific and use some of our success there and better is to use gifs or pictures - so I give you the whole list that YOU can use.

So our success list is here or you can use something from our ROADMAP or from some article:

Here are some of the achievements Electroneum has done in just over a year:

– First cryptocurrency to attract over 100,000 people in an ICO.

– First cryptocurrency to join GSMA.

– First cryptocurrency to exhibit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

– First cryptocurrency to adopt full KYC compliance.

– First cryptocurrency to have signed partnerships with mobile operators to facilitate adoption.

– First cryptocurrency to develop an instant payment system to facilitate blockchain transactions.

– First cryptocurrency to allow anyone to accept instant cryptocurrency payments for their online stores through an easily implanted API system.

– First to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies easier to implement by individuals and corporations.

But Twitter allow you post only a little text so i have a list of tweets that you can use too :wink:

Here is list of TEXT that you can use in pools votes as a supportive comment:

I receive every day fractions of #free #Cryptocurrency called #Electroneum #ETN


it’s British project & I am happy be part of it. Their goal is #massadoption through our #AIRDROP #mobile #miner & for 14 months we gained 2.7 million users. Join us too & earn free $$$

#Electroneum The more people who give #ETN as a gift, the more support available for the unbanked.

First KYC/AML, Instant pay for vendors, easy to use and earn

Mass adoption has started, the numbers prove it!! Ranked Top 5 #Alexa web traffic, Top 10 #Facebook #Twitter

Electroneum in the hands of everyone who needs a little more to spend, especially the unbanked and underbanked who need it most !!

Adding #ETN, the #1 #massadoption coin with a REAL product, usecase and community to the #Bittrex platform with REAL #crypto adopters just makes perfect sense #Electroneum :100::heart:

#Electroneum British Cryptocurrency leading the crossover to mass adoption. First KYC/AML, Instant pay for vendors, easy to use and earn #ETN Ranked Top 5 #Alexa web traffic, Top 10 #Facebook #Twitter

The gift that gives- the more you use the more support for the unbanked

I strongly prefer receiving @electroneum coins, the first cryptocurrency to implement KYC to comply with the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive

There is a cryptocurrency right on your doorstep, based in Maidstone. It is being primed for mass adoption. Vendors all over the globe are starting to accept it as it is easy to integrate into their POS systems. That cryptocurrency is @electroneum

#Electroneum is the first and only cryptocurrency in the world in full compliance with KYC and AML, and they’re a UK company. Get on the phone to their CEO Richard Ells or Chris Gorman OBE.

#Electroneum is like #Paypal in a mobile app that can be used to send money to anyone in the world, with a focus on the #unbanked. The App gives you free airdropped #ETN via simulated cloud mining. They have a insta payment system and are KYC/AML compliant. Watch them #MWC19.

Excellent Article on #Electroneum. Spot on analysis of what #ETN is and its competitive advantage in the #crypto space. A must read for anyone interested in learning more about Electroneum.

$ETN #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews #fintech #mobile #unbanked #massadoption @electroneum

#Electroneum has achieved so much in 2018! ETN have been #1st to market on multiple #milestones. Many other projects are now following the path ETN has paved. #ETN is breaking down the walls that is holding #cryptocurrency back from #MassAdoption & it starts with #regulation #KYC

The #Electroneum / #OneDev @weConnectThai partnership is an important example of how the #ETN model drives self-funding, #financial #inclusion and #inclusivity; a powerful connection between the #unbanked and industrialized worlds that enables populations to work out of #poverty.

#Electroneum Partnering with @Indacoin is a HUGE Step forward. You can now buy #ETN directly to your mobile wallet with a credit card. Buying ETN just got a lot easier for #MassAdoption. #fintech #cryptocurrency #crypto

Have time and look what #ETN #Electroneum @electroneum reach in the Last days. We won multiple votes. We was added on a lot of new exchanges. Have new fiat pairings. And it’s not all we just warming up :wink:

#Electroneum has just announced its strategic Partnership (not MOU), an actual Partnership with #Thailand 's largest #MVME #MVMO provider #OneDevelopment #weconnectthailand. They work with many #MVNO including #tot wireless who is Gov owned. #etn #fintech

Here is list of PICTURES that you can use in pools votes as a supportive comment:
Total 21 pictures


Here is list of GIFS that you can use in pools votes as a supportive comment:
Total 13 Gifs - here is not able to upload MP4 format so i upload to my Google drive:
For example this is awesome:

Whole list is here:

I welcome everyone that can join me and use my suggestions.
I will edit this post when i became some new idea.

If you will be very active and visible you can be rewarded i will choose one of you and will send you 5000 coins as a reward if i see you multiple times per week actively doing something what i do and too my friend at Twitter ETN Mirror follow us both and help us with

I am not active at Youtube but watch there a lot of video content from all of ours Youtubers, we welcome all newbies and will support you.
Here is list of Yotubers that i know (if you are not at the list - pls write me DM with details like email adress, twitter name and Youtube link and number of your subscribers)

1. Crypto NWO
Number of subscribers: 37 640
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail:
Twitter name:
Language - English

2.Crypto for the peeps
Number of subscribers: 21 293
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail: ??? (if you know write me details)
Twitter name:
Language - English

3.Podcast Now
Subs: 17,633
Twitter: PodcastNow15
Language - English

4. Electroneum OFFICIAL Youtube canal
Number of subscribers: 7 585
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail:
Twitter name:
Language - English

5. AllAboutTech
Number of subscribers: 6 120
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail:
Twitter name:
Language - English

6. OscarTech
Number of subscribers: 2 373
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail:
Twitter name:
Language - English

7. Truthful Rob
Number of subscribers: 2 232
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail:
Twitter name:
Language - English

8. Crypto Turk
Number of subscribers: XXXX
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail:
Twitter name: ??? (if you know write me details)
Language - English

9. Your name
Number of subscribers: XXXX
Link to youtube channel:
Contact: mail:
Twitter name:
Language - English

Can you be here too at the list write me details like above and i will add YOU here. We welcome all new youtubers. give you subscribe and will you support till the END. We need to cover more LANGUAGES…


Exist a lot of Electroneum fans groups so here you have list - you can join all of them and support our brothers and sisters from all over the world. Share there some videos or Articles.



That is all from me and keep liking all my post :smiley: I need more badges and we need stronger community.

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Electroneum Community Marketing Club
Etn GIFs and images
BADGES guru need HELP

I will just say this. —AWESOME!!!—


Great work. Together we can do this


"Welcome to Marketing Army. The first rule of Marketing Army is: you spread the word on Electroneum. The second rule of Marketing Army is: you SPREAD THE WORD on Electroneum!"

~ Mr. CryptoCZ



:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::grin::grin: damn 20 squ…:stuck_out_tongue:


Send invites to this topic now!
Im into it.
Tell us how to create best post for most attraction of audience @Mr.CryptoCZ


Lovely work fella, I will digest this and figure how I can help here


what a post !!!

there should be a heart and soul badge in here as you definitely wear yours in etn !!!

well done and thankyou @Mr.CryptoCZ


This is a really excellent start and thank you for putting all this together! Having said that, the grammar really needs tiding up in places, esp. if you are expecting people to copy and paste…

Am snowed under but perhaps somebody could step up?

Otherwise big THANK YOU again!


Great idea @Mr.CryptoCZ
We already have one of the best communities in the crypto world … So when it comes to support ETN like that, then sure I’m in :raising_hand_man:t3:
#ETN_ARMY #ELECTRONIANS :muscle:t3::zap:


Great idea putting this together to give some an outline on ways they could explain Electroneum on social media :+1: every single person helps our army :zap:


My goodness! The work you have put in!! Hat off to you @Mr.CryptoCZ many many :blue_heart::sparkling_heart::green_heart: and many many :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:! Let’s get this viral ETN squirrel army!


Just one thing to add; we have to be mindful not to look like spammers and scammers. People tend to get suspicious when “free money” is involved! Other than that, pretty sure we got this :nerd_face::heart_eyes:


Great work @Mr.CryptoCZ ! And to everyone else fighting on the various social/tube/book platforms!

I personally have no online social media accounts, but I do work ETN into the conversation with friends/ family and business associates, having multiple takers. Any Craigslist post has the “cryptocurrency ok” button selected. Mentioned on other local selling platforms. Currently discussing adding the instant payment system to multiple small businesses’ and one charity’s website.


Good advice @Cosmicrypto
Kind words as always.
Avoid any "attacks"on anyone Fudding.
EDUCATION not Retaliation !!



Thanks @Pahini! And same with your solid advice! :blue_heart::chipmunk::sparkling_heart::chipmunk::green_heart::chipmunk:


We got this in the bag
They are listing Dent on bittrex


Awesome I didn’t expect so viral boom and thanks from your side. :slight_smile: thanks again and battle just started prepare your weapons.
The year 2019 is ours we go at least to top 30 :slight_smile:


I just got followed by the biggest surf writer in Australia.
Hes here in my town.
Theyre a really tight group.
They talk, were getting warmer.


Brilliant Pahini! That’s what we need :heart_eyes: