Marketing and Advertising in October


What day do you think the electroneum team will start the marketing and advertising?

My guess the 10th.

Second question
In what form do you hope to see marketing and advertising?

Online ads perhaps? Post cards to local businesses? Tv / Radio???


Well we know facebook will be a big part of it at some stage. Advertising for Awareness and Venders (bring on 10s of thousands). “Advertising platform second to none” - specific focus - geo and interest targeting. Focus on the West first (test and find out what works), then spread out to other regions of the World with translations. Ads around Instant Pay with cool visuals. Likely have big deals supporting this.

ICO was super successful around marketing. Had stuff in malls and online.

47:00 onwards…on advertising.


If all works perfectly, we are in top 20 by 11th of November with around $700 million market cap, so almost $0,09.