Marketing and ads

I can easily see the etn price go up from investment if we could physically see some advertising and marketing in the real world.

Show me some:

radio advertisements
online ads
television ads
newspaper advertisements
farmers markets ads
ads in local trade shows
ads in magazines

In my opinion 95% of the world still doesn’t know about etn. Which means this huge room for growth but I think a lot of people would feel a little bit more confident with investments if electroneum marketing was a little bit more tangible and we could watch our investments far today there has been talk about marketing and advertisement but I haven’t seen any with my own eyes.

Everything in your list would be a complete waste of money IMO.

Adverts in the “real world” should be targeted at users not investors who are already in the crypto space. Sensible investors will invest based on fundamentals, not just from seeing that they are spending a lot on advertising.

So someone in the USA walks down the street and sees Electroneum on a billboard. Does he even notice it? If he notices it does he do anything about it, or does he think I don’t need that as I already have Paypal, Credit Cards etc to pay for virtually anything in my native currency without the hassle of converting.

They ARE advertising on social media (much more targeted) and also on sites such as Coingecko and Cryptocompare which is aimed at re-engaging investors who already know crypto.

Apart from that the focus must be on AnyTask and other platforms, especially in areas where there is a demand for crypto payments.

I would actually be quite annoyed if I saw them spaffing away money on a TV advert (unless it was in Nigeria or somewhere).


I actually think you are wrong pete.


Well, it has been known to happen occasionally.

Skywriting it is then. :airplane:

Yeah, this is what we always see any time the price goes down a bit, team must be doing it wrong, they should do this, they should do that.

I think I know now what you mean by “investors”, you actually mean mug punters, like the sort that piled into BTC at $20k, and when they see the Electroneum Skywriting they will think “aww gee, this must be a great thing to invest in as they must have spent a lot of money on that!”. So maybe that would work and maybe it would not. But it shouldn’t.

Investors, the serious sort who actually study the fundamentals don’t need skywriting, indeed the skywriting would be a turn off to them. When they put their money into ETN it will be long before the skywriting fans have ever heard of it, maybe they already have invested or are just waiting for the right moment. Maybe they are gonna push the price down even more, so careful what you wish for when you want whales.

The original point is a valid one, but I must concur with Pete, the cost of doing ‘real world’ advertising is extremely high, so we need to be cautious. For the last three years our focus is on building the Electroneum ecosystem and growing usage organically. Don’t forget, we’ve been doing traditional on-the-ground advertising for the last 1.5 years in places likes South Africa and Cambodia, where we’ve learnt a great deal. As the ecosystem develops further and we enable the purchasing of more products and services via the app, you’ll see us enter more regions with traditional on-the-ground advertising. It’s just a matter of time - we must be patient to ensure we get the best return on our investment. And in terms of the crypto space itself, we’re increasing gaining more coverage from top-tier news outlets, and Rich is doing more interviews with influencers outside of the Electroneum community. We’re certainly moving in the right direction!


There is no point mentioning South Africa or Cambodia to some people, they think those places don’t count. It must be in the USA or nowhere, I have to wonder why some people are even involved in this coin as they don’t seem to have the first clue about the problems it is intended to solve or what the team is doing to achieve that. You can paint a hut blue in SA and it will be derided, but skywriting over Noo Yawk and it will suddenly make it huge.

Thanks for your opinion.

I still feel we need to get on coinbase asap.

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