Market price of ETN

What are the measures on ground to make ETN great again, and how best can it be withdrawn as Fiat without under going through rigorous means into our bank account.

I think NEXT exchange will solve this problem as you can buy and sell ETN via pay pal. The ultimate idea is to use ETN instead of fiat to buy things like coffee or tickets to a movie.


What is the latest eta on

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Yes, ETN needs listed on the large ones like Bittrex!

Why cant they get onto Bittrex yet?

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It depends of both sides. Step by step, Q4 will soon begin … :slight_smile:


They are making sure that they a working product. Exchanges are great but they need to catch fire than have the exchange try to put some water on it instead of trying to start a wet fire. Our current exchanges suffice our volume. Exchanges right now would just bring day traders. Im a long term holder this is just the start everyone. Imo


Hector, thanks for asking your questions here.

You might have heard multiple times already that Electroneum does things differently.

Just have a look at their roadmap. That’s basically your answer. In order to make etn great, they need to have not just working product, but they also be innovative and different to anyone else. And I strongly believe this is what yhe electroneum team trying to achieve.

I actually have to disagree with your statement - to make etn great again. We have not seen anything remotely great in the past. Etn price went down because the marked went down. This has nothing to do with etn.


I really don’t go to movies I only design clothes I want to use this channel to raise funds that will help in my designing, what am saying in essence is, this should be away to encourage small business minded individuals

Can I mine electroneum on Apple devices?