Market Position

Our CEO took this screenshot at 7:30am on Sunday – wow!

All this off the back of our Instant Payment Beta Test news.

Think what’ll happen when we launch the real thing - which we will be, soon!

What do you think will be the biggest game changer for ETN? Instant payment? Our plans to enable the unbanked? Or the fact that we’re mobile-based? Tell us in the comments below…

This is one of my most interesting times in crypto. I see ETN being $1 post Q3 2019. But then again who knows, it could much more. I hate giving predictions because ETN are doing something not done before. We are very much the trailblazers of the crypto world and could end up anywhere.

I believe the biggest change will be when a massive household name gets on board. This will open the floodgates.

I think the instant payment system is a Game changer…But lets not forget the “unbanked” because as much as we think of the third world as the unbanked there are also Hundreds of thousands of the “unbanked” in Developed nations as well…VERY Exciting times ahead…!! :grin::grin::grin:

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Deals, deals, deals, and more deals. Users, users, and more users.


KYC and AML as nobody has gone down this rabbit hole yet!

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