MALTA-The Bitcoin Island Paradise



Like a place to live where crypto is your “friend” wherever you turn?
Malta may be just the destination for the seekers of a warmer climate!
Happy reading!


I was only saying to my wife I wanted to go there, I wonder how long before they take ETN…


Reading the article…not long!


Theres quite a few cryptos that are opening (and have opened offices) there.
I have a couple of fellow squirrels, were considering a "Sovereign State "(style) Multiple Occupancy property.
To be purchased with crypto and entirely run on and funded by crypto.
The prices were experiencing currently…that sort of dream could well become a very viable reality in the not too distant future.


I suggested Malta as the Etn party place😊


Thats why I sent you the invite!
The one to" my" Island in Vanuatu as well!