Malaysian State to Launch Blockchain Solution to Track Agricultural Products,

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More real world case uses of blockchain emerging.
Great news for adoption.
More indirect advertising and awareness of crypto.



Great to see Blockchain being slowly integrated into everything. The future is now.

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They already use it in Australia for Tuna, Sheep.
With tuna its sustainable harvesting.
With sheep its more for selective breeding.
They already did a trial shipment of almonds on the ethereum blockchain.
The possibilities are endless.



Yes and yes again! I particularly like the involvement with medical institutions. Unalterable records. What a technology. I keep telling people who don’t understand…did you think the internet could be what it is when you first heard of it? Well get ready, because things are about to LEAP ahead beyond your imagination. (Blank looks). :crazy_face:

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Crazy stuff going on right now.
Partnerships everywhere.
Big data AI influencers and marketing mavericks pushing blockchain.
This mornings big announcement that is pretty big was TRX partnering with Tether.
That makes it institutionally friendly.
Everthing is more integrated with traditional markets than what we see from the outside.
Being involved intimately from the inside we get a fair idea of what the near future holds.
Forums like this are a crystal ball.
So much moreso than getting information at street level in the outside world.
Its hard to put a timeline on things for sure…
Were only human but where theres a will theres a way.

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We as a race progress. Inclusion is the main focus that I seek. I’m sick of the way things have been. One world, one people is my dream. As we slowly move forward I really hope that through this tech we become a planet of brothers and sisters not the fragmented ridiculousness that it is. Although I acknowledge that this could be construed as a negative thing depending on your standpoint. I won’t elaborate further due to terms of service. Fingers and everything else crossed that this movement succeeds. :grin:

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